Botticelle, ten merchants reported for illegal occupation of buildings in Testaccio

Botticelle, ten merchants reported for illegal occupation of buildings in Testaccio
Botticelle, ten merchants reported for illegal occupation of buildings in Testaccio

Ten barrel workers reported after an inspection of the offices of the Municipality of Rome in the area of ​​the former slaughterhouse in Testaccio: 29 pits, owned by Roma Capitale, put under the magnifying glass, also monitored the state of health of the horses. The operation led to ten reports of as many merchants for illegal occupation and took place at the direct impulse of the mayor Virginia Raggi: “Further investigations are still underway regarding the illegal use of some of the structures surveyed during the intervention”, the Capitol writes in a note.

The words of the mayor Virginia Raggi: “I thank the men and women of our Local Police for having intervened immediately to restore the law. The attention of this Administration for the state of health of the animals and for the respect of the rules is maximum. With this morning’s action we want to affirm a principle: it is not tolerable to carry on economic activities, of any kind, to the detriment of the most elementary rules that govern our Community ”.

This is a new episode of the clash between the mayor of Rome and the drivers of the barrels. The last time in Roma Today we talked about it last July 9: the TAR had suspended as a precaution an order signed by the mayor of Rome who had imposed the stop, due to the excessive heat, on the movement of animals: in compared to a couple of deeds signed by the mayor, the horses could circulate only where the temperature was below 25 degrees and in any case only after 6 pm. The judges, in assessing the appeal of the coaches as not unfounded, had however considered that the exhibitors could see this legislation suspended as an emergency precaution, pending the judgment on the merits which should arrive at the beginning of August.

Another judicial proceeding is also pending at the Council of State, the one on the municipal regulation of the barrels: the judgment on the merits is set for next 20 October. Even in that case, the legislation was set as restrictive: “Having limited the type of horses that can be used, only for draft, it was established that once they have been discontinued from service, they can neither be killed nor used for food purposes. they will be able to circulate only for 7 hours a day, taking breaks every 45 minutes, and remaining stationary, between July and August, in the hottest time slot (between 12 and 17.30). they will be able to circulate only in certain green areas, namely at Villa Pamphilj, in Villa Borghese and in the park of the Aqueducts. The coachmen, on the other hand, will be able to convert the current activity into taxi licenses “, we reported in Roma Today. For the animal welfare associations, this was in any case insufficient legislation; the exhibitors had complained that the mayor could not sic et simpliciter prevent the movement of the carriages, because it would have been a violation of the highway code. In this sense the preliminary opinions of the administrative judiciary.


Botticelle ten merchants reported illegal occupation buildings Testaccio

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