A polycentric capital with special powers: Gualtieri’s “dream” for Rome

A polycentric capital with special powers: Gualtieri’s “dream” for Rome
A polycentric capital with special powers: Gualtieri’s “dream” for Rome

Rome – With the first public confrontation between the four candidates for Mayor of Rome, guests of the House of Architecture in Rome (read here), the race for the Capitol has officially come to life.

Among the main topics discussed by Roberto Gualtieri (center left), Carlo Calenda (civic list), Enrico Michetti (center right) and the “outgoing” mayor Virginia Raggi (5 Star Movement), the digitization of public and administrative services, the incoming funds for the Recovery Plan and the possibility of granting “special powers” to the capital.

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Photo galleryRome 2021, the first public confrontation between the candidates for mayor

For Gualtieri, former Minister of Economy and Finance in the Conte bis government, Rome “he cannot afford another five years of administrative inaction“:“ We need to roll up our sleeves – he said – and develop precise programs and projects ”. Here are yours.

The Rome of the future

To imagine the Rome of the future, argues the candidate of the center-left, “we must enable the city to provide essential services, to spend and provide resources, which, unfortunately, has not happened in recent years. In many other European cities these topics are not even the subject of an election campaign, they are the basis, in Rome it goes like this and it is right to talk about it ”.

“We – underlines – we have an idea of ​​a polycentric city, able to regenerate and redevelop its spaces, so that they can become places of meeting, culture, work. We must decline the extraordinary opportunities we have in terms of resources, including European ones, having projects at hand, but we must coordinate them within a vision of the city. We want to build an integration between redevelopment policies, decentralized care services and support for our production chains. This ambitious but possible vision constitutes the last train to our city to renew itself, and we ask everyone to participate and collaborate ”.

The efficiency of the Capitoline administrative services

The efficiency of the services of the public administration of the capital is, for Gualtieri, a “decisive point: there are empty offices, digitization is lacking, employees are lacking, permits are lacking to build. We – he explains – are preparing a review of the organic machine to strengthen the structures of the Capitol in deficit, such as the Urban Planning Department ”.

It is also necessary pay attention to the recruitment of personnel, with “changes to the competitions to draw on and strengthen the organizational plan of the Capitol. It is evident that in a temporary phase it is necessary to draw from the outside.The management method has to be changed: there has been too much division between politics and the Administration, which has led to a great bureaucratization. And the only way to do this is to involve the top management of the Administration. The Mayor must read the papers and ask the administrators immediately what obstacles are there “.

Digitization is not, according to Gualtieri, “just making the cards digital, but also the administrative procedures”. “Good governance in Rome – holds – it’s possible“.

Special powers for the capital

In Rome, says the former Minister referring to a bill that would grant the capital special and unprecedented powers, “Reforms are needed, and we hope that this parliamentary path is the right train”. “I hope that there will be unity among the Roman political forces to win this battle, but it won’t be the magic solution: there are other political, quality and governance aspects to be taken into account ”.

“In recent years, the League’s hegemony has decided that the capital should not be at the center of the country’s development: it is good that this approach is opposed. In 2017 – he says – the Lazio Region offered powers to the Mayor and the Mayor refused them; we will take them “.

How Rome should spend the money from the Recovery Plan

When asked how the city should spend the money coming thanks to the PNRR, Gualtieri replies by underlining how “the list of unspent or lost money from Rome due to inexperience is so long that makes smoke come out of your ears. When I was Minister we made two calls for mass transport and the money went to everyone except the capital, where nothing had been planned. Now we have the last chance to start again; we have enormous resources that we will never have again and we must plan immediately “.

“The resources will arrive if the objectives of the projects are achieved: we have compressed times to carry out projects many times higher than what has been spent in recent years. If fiscal consolidation means inactivity, that’s a problem, it’s not something to brag about, ”he says, addressing the mayor Raggi.

The realization of the projects, explains Gualtieri, “requires an unprecedented ability to be competent and efficient and also to be able to involve the national government, with which the Administration must interact. We need a polycentric city: we have almost 200 neighborhoods, we must rethink together an idea of ​​urban space also drawing on the projects of other European capitals. We cannot afford another five years of administrative inaction ”.
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