“Ferrari cities that do not enter gears”

“Ferrari cities that do not enter gears”
“Ferrari cities that do not enter gears”

“A Ferrari? The only one that comes to mind is the 348 which did not enter the gears and remained stationary in the square”. Carlo Calenda said this at the first confrontation between candidates for mayor of the capital, promoted by the Order of Architects of Rome and its province at the Casa dell’Architettura, responding controversially to the first citizen of Rome who had defined the capital as a Ferrari that put it back on track and that must be run.

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“The question of powers cannot become an alibi on waste or buses”, remarked Calenda. “Then of course – he continued – special powers are needed for the special challenges that the capital has. It is a cultural question, Rome has not been considered a capital for a long time”.

“Public transport, with not even a kilometer of subway planned, the waste crisis continues, the disastrous separate collection, the maintenance of urban jungle greenery. A city that is growing less economically than the country it represents” and that from point of view of the services “is absent”, underlined the leader of Action.


Ferrari cities enter gears

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