Cucchi also on the field. Voghera rebels: “We are not the far west”

Cucchi also on the field. Voghera rebels: “We are not the far west”
Cucchi also on the field. Voghera rebels: “We are not the far west”

In the Voghera affair it also appears Ilaria Cucchi. Stefano’s sister promises Bahija El Boussettaoui help to obtain truth and justice about the death of his brother Youns, 39, who was shot to death in Voghera with a gunshot that exploded during a quarrel with Massimo Adriatici, former policeman and municipal councilor for League security.

In an interview with Republic Ilaria Cucchi has accepted the appeal of the woman. “I am extremely close to the victim’s sister – she explained – and I would like to tell her that sensing this desire not to bend, the thought came back to myself, 12 years ago, when I was alone, when I found myself supporting a war in the imagination of all, even before the courtroom. I think of myself when I found myself saying that my brother Stefano was neither a saint nor a hero, but that he should not die“.

Cucchi: “Justice first of all”

Right from the start I tried to understand but it’s really hard to imagine that you can kill a person like that. We will hear all sorts of things about the victim, I expect them – continued Stefano Cucchi’s sister -. The operation to muddy him has already begun, but I would like to remind everyone that regardless of who he was, what his life choices were, no one can annihilate the rights of another human being. It is something I firmly believe in and I am not saying it just for my personal story, for my brother. I say this because it is a battle of civilization, because rights are something that cannot be compromised. Especially on the rights of the least because they are the most defenseless. I hope that the judiciary will not discount anyone“.

Voghera rebels: “We are not the far west”

Meanwhile, the League’s deputy Elena Lucchini, Lega Voghera coordinator, during the session of the Voghera city council asked for respect for the city by removing the adjectives associated with the community after the attack. “Someone has humiliated and denigrated our city repeatedly using terms such as ‘Voghera bang bang’ and ‘Far west’, words that certainly do not suit the place we live and know – underlined Lucchini -. The security problems have existed, not from today, not from yesterday, for several years, as in any city, but Voghera cannot and must not be associated with the concept of crime. Because Voghera is something else. I understand well that a journalist has to do his job, that he is looking for something sensational, but there is an ethics in every profession and a limit that should never be crossed“.

The distraught city that seeks redemption

“Words are stones – continued the honorable member of the League -. I find it unfair to ruin the reputation of a community, built with decades of hard work and commitment, just to sell a few more copies today. It takes respect for the broken life of a person who is no longer there, it takes respect for the ruined life of the other party, it takes respect for the context in which the event took place because nothing will ever be the same again.“. More, Lucchini goes further:”The label of victim or executioner is not up to us to assign it, it is not up to the media and not even to those who pontificate about the affair thousands of kilometers from our community in order to get one more vote, one more like. The judiciary has the right and the duty to shed light on what really happened that tragic evening. Only and only the judiciary and the investigating authorities. If anyone has elements to refute one or the other thesis, it is with them that he must speak. Certainly not in the square, at the bar, on social media or on the media. It takes respect for the families involved and for the wounded community that wants to turn the page showing its truest face, that of a provincial city that has always made a flag of honest work and mutual respect.“.

The investigations entrusted to Ris and two super experts

Meanwhile, the Court will have to wait at least two months to obtain the results of the investigations arranged on the gun with which the 47-year-old councilor Massimo Adriatici wounded and killed Youns El Boussetaoui. The first investigations will take place in the next few hours at the Scientific Investigations Department of Parma. At the center of the analysis, in addition to ballistics, also the clothes worn by the assessor and the victim on which the experts will have to trace any residual gunpowder to define the distance between the shooter and the victim.

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