Pesaro, no vax demonstration under the house of the mayor Ricci

July 29, 2021 2:28 pm

The mayor attacks the organizers: “You scared my family”. Fico: “Disturbing act to be strongly condemned”. Letta: “Matteo go ahead, we are with you”

“Vaccinating is a civic and moral duty, as President Mattarella also said”, recalled Ricci who, also on Facebook, said: “While from Turin I was preparing to connect to Rete 4 in Zona Bianca, I received the news that hundreds of people had gathered in the street where I live, screaming, buzzing and creating discomfort, fear for my family. What a shame! “.

Solidarity from the political world

Many messages of solidarity arrived from the political world. The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta wrote on Twitter: “Go ahead Matteo, we are with you”. According to the Speaker of the Chamber Roberto Fico, the mayor of Pesaro was “the victim of a real intimidation. What happened is a disturbing act to be strongly condemned”. For the vice-president of the Forza Italia group in the Senate, Lucia Ronzulli, “What happened in Pesaro demonstrates the danger of no vax fanaticism. The time has come to say enough to those who, using the word freedom inappropriately, want to impose wrong ideas with violent and threatening “.

The reply from the Health and Rights Committee The Health and Rights Committee replied directly to the mayor, arguing that “in Pesaro there was a demonstration, but it was at La Palla, it was not a no vax demonstration and it ended at 9.30 pm. We are sorry for you but the demonstration is it took place peacefully. So there were two demonstrations tonight? Ours was very well attended and we wondered where the institutions were “.


Pesaro vax demonstration house mayor Ricci

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