Attempted murder, politician elected with the League shoots: VIDEO –

Attempted murder, politician elected with the League shoots: VIDEO –
Attempted murder, politician elected with the League shoots: VIDEO –

The shooting took place last night in Licata.

LICATA – He fires four gunshots at the address of the business partner, with whom he runs a funeral home, and shortly after goes to the carabinieri accompanied by his trusted lawyer. Gaetano Aronica, 48-year-old municipal councilor of Licata, elected in the last electoral round of 2018 with the League, is now under investigation on the loose for attempted murder and illegal carrying of a weapon.

From the League they let it be known that “he was never registered with the party”. The shooting took place yesterday evening in via Grangela, a few steps from the seat of the municipality of Licata. In the afternoon a session of the city council had been held in which Aronica had participated. WATCH THE VIDEO

Of the four .22 caliber bullets that fired, only one landed with a graze on the business partner in the arm. The latter, a 71-year-old from Licata, was immediately rescued and transported to the San Giacomo d’Altopasso hospital. He is not life threatening and has been diagnosed with a twenty day prognosis. The city councilor, after shooting, presented himself to the carabinieri together with the lawyer. It was he, during the search, who unearthed the gun he was holding illegally. Some circumstances still remain to be clarified. Just a week ago, a barrage of shots went off against the stained glass windows of the same funeral home. Investigators are trying to understand, in the light of what happened, if the two facts can be connected.

The clarification

The section of the Lega di Licata specifies that the municipal councilor Gaetano Aronica is not registered, nor holds or has held other roles within the League. In the last administrative elections, dating back to 2018, Aronica was a candidate on the Lega list but he never declared himself a League within the city council, and has been a civic councilor for years, even for a period in support of the current mayor.

The answer

Dear militants of the League of Licata, we enclose an announcement by the Northern League Pagano, a prominent exponent, who congratulates on the election of Aronica “with the League”.

Antonio Condorelli (Director of LiveSicilia)


Attempted murder politician elected League shoots VIDEO

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