Ali Ibrahim, the student of the State University of Milan who disappeared in Chad was killed

Ali Ibrahim, the student of the State University of Milan who disappeared in Chad was killed
Ali Ibrahim, the student of the State University of Milan who disappeared in Chad was killed

There is also Ali Ibrahim, the student of the University of Milan from Chad who disappeared months ago, among the rebel fighters “murdered” after the capture: this was reported to the Dire agency by the heads of the Front pour l’Alternance et la Concorde au Tchad (Fact).

The young man’s name appears in a list of “comrades” killed after being taken into custody by the military in the Kanem region in the west of the country. “Ali Ibrahim had arrived from Italy” replies Kingabe Ogouzeimi de Tapol, political coordinator of the Front, urged by Dire to verify that it is not a case of homonymy. “Ali was murdered on April 18, the day after his capture, in the North Kanem district,” continues the responsible.

“We have asked the international community for help but we are powerless, because the Conseil militaire de transition is supported by France”. The reference is to the body set up in N’Djamena after the death, on April 20, of President Idriss Deby Itno. General Mahamat Deby, son of the head of state, who remained in power for over 30 years, assumed the leadership of the Conseil.

Thirty years ago, Ali Ibrahim, the student of the State University, was also born. Born in 1991, he should have graduated in Cultural Mediation at the beginning of April. Since February, however, all traces had been lost. According to what Dire had learned, on the 4th of that month she would return home “to visit relatives”, after having completed exams and theses, waiting for the graduation session. Precisely in Kanem, the region of origin of Ibrahim, the clashes between the Fact and the army were more intense. In the same area, at the front, Idriss Deby was fatally wounded.

Ogouzeimi de Tapol accuses the Conseil militaire de transition of the killing of the rebels after capture, with Ibrahim number eight on a list of ten names. “We appeal to the UN, the African Union and human rights organizations – says the coordinator – to shed light on these murders, identify those responsible and bring justice to the victims in compliance with the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war of which Chad is a signatory “.

About the story of the student, after the alarm for his disappearance, Dire spoke with the honorary consul of Italy in Chad, Ermanna Favaretto. “I know the Kanem region village by village,” the representative said. “Today it remains a ‘no man’s land’, a corridor for trafficking in human beings to Niger and Libya; for the government whoever is with the rebels is a Qaedist and if he is now a prisoner he risks death”.

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