Green pass for school and transport, the new Covid decree has been postponed – Chronicle

Green pass for school and transport, the new Covid decree has been postponed – Chronicle
Green pass for school and transport, the new Covid decree has been postponed – Chronicle

Rome, 28 July 2021 – It is always high tension between the government and the majority on the issues on the table that precede the entry into force of the white semester. Prime Minister Draghi has postponed the competition reform which should be postponed to September also in order not to put too much meat on the fire but there are still several open fronts. The Council of Ministers originally scheduled for Thursday has been postponed to next week. The new decree on schools and transport should extend the use of the green pass to long-distance travel and tighten the shirts on the obligation that staff and teachers are immunized, to allow them to return to class safely (with masks) but above all in the presence. vaccination obligation for teachers in order to allow them to return to class safely but has decided to take some more time before closing on the dossier. And so the decree law on schools and transport will only be on the table of the Council of Ministers next week. No hypothesis is excluded, even if the secretary of the Lega Salvini reiterated his opposition to a possible squeeze for school staff.

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Students and teachers return in attendance in September, even where spacing will not be possible. This is what the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi at the last meeting with the school unions. But it is on the front of vaccinations for teachers and non-teachers that there are the greatest doubts. There will be no obligation, at least for now, even if it looks like the health minister Roberto Speranza is considering this option. However, there would be no support from Forza Italia and Italia Viva, as well as from the Democratic Party. The 5-star Movement is expressly opposed, as are the other center-right forces. It therefore points to one “strong recommendation”. Moreover, the data on administrations to school staff speak of an audience of 85.5% at national level. But those 222 thousand still unvaccinated must somehow be “convinced”. At the studio there is suspension from work, as already done with healthcare personnel. But there are also numerous students, about 8 million, which the vaccine did not. It is certain that all the kids will use the mask in September, also useful to overcome the problems of distancing in the classrooms.

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Then there is the plan for the obligatory Green pass for transport starting from 6 August. In last week’s decree i long-distance transport had been excluded to focus attention on the Covid-19 Green Certification for indoor activities in the white area: restaurants, gyms and swimming pools, cinemas and theaters, stadiums and concerts, events and conferences. The intention was to render the Green Pass is mandatory for ships, trains and airplanes after the counter-exodus and the return of the Italians from vacation. But on the one hand the surge in the contagion curve and on the other the high number of foreign bookings to Italy are leading the government to rethink. And therefore, as early as August 6 it could board only those who have received at least the first dose of vaccine fourteen days before, those who recovered from Covid-19 in the previous six months, those who had a swab in the 48 hours before the trip. For subways, buses and trams, on the other hand, the situation is still on the high seas. Because even if the Green Pass obligation were introduced, the control problem: who should carry them out? The problems are still on the table but for the mandatory Green Pass on local public transport the deadline is set for September. When will schools also reopen in presence.

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Meanwhile, Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri sul Green Pass to work says “that’s a solution to keep in the drawer, to be evaluated carefully. But I am with the secretary of CGIL Landini when he says that no one will have to lose their jobs anyway. They will have to be bilateral choices, that is, not imposed without dialogue by businesses. Choices to be made also depending on the job, I am thinking for example of the cold chain where the risks of contagion are higher. But now the most important thing for us is only one: to reach 50 million vaccinated Italians at the end of September, at which point we will have scored! Because everything always depends on two factors: the number of vaccinated people and the number of infections. If the virus stops, then better this way. But if the infections increase in the coming weeks, then we will have to be ready. Even with the green pass “.

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