Gelato Sicily, new opening in Trastevere

Gelato Sicily, new opening in Trastevere
Gelato Sicily, new opening in Trastevere

A good ice cream, a fresh granita. It doesn’t take much to make the hot summer days in Rome cooler. With this idea, in the middle of summer, it opens Sicily ice cream in Trastevere.

A new ice cream parlor, created in collaboration with Mammò, an American street food venue that uses Italian excellence. A little place in via Benedetta, 1 that offers traditional Sicilian recipes in the form of ice cream and more.

Ice cream, as we said, is the absolute protagonist in the new restaurant in Trastevere: made with selected raw materials coming mainly from Sicily, without dyes, preservatives and hydrogenated fats. Gelato Sicily wants to stand out in the sea magnum of the Capitoline ice cream shops for its creaminess, thanks to micro bubbles of air and micro ice crystals present in the product, which give the product body and softness.

Among the proposals, in addition to ice cream in a cone or cup, also it stick to fruit and creams and then his majesty “the granita”, representative and typical of the Sicilian tradition and another undisputed protagonist of the local Trasteverino. Usually eaten for breakfast, in the store it will be available at all hours as an interval on hot summer days. Produced with fresh fruit and pasteurized water, without dyes and preservatives. Lemons, oranges, red mulberries grown in Sicily, but also coffee granita, almond, pistachio and other flavors. And Gelato Sicily brings to Rome too the winning combination of brioches and granita.

For lovers of tradition, moreover, in the new restaurant in via Benedetta there will be the typical sweets of Sicilian pastry, therefore cannoli, cassata, delizia cake, seven-veil cake and martorana fruit. And to complete the offer not only sweets: there are also the typical recipes of Sicilian street food, including the very famous arancine (in Palermo) or arancini (in Catania).


Gelato Sicily opening Trastevere

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