De Donno committed suicide, the accusation of Red Ronnie: “They left him alone”

De Donno committed suicide, the accusation of Red Ronnie: “They left him alone”
De Donno committed suicide, the accusation of Red Ronnie: “They left him alone”

The death of Giuseppe De Donno sparked controversy on social media. The former head of pulmonology at the Mantua hospital, who was the first to start treatment last year Covid with transfusions of plasma iperimmune, committed suicide yesterday in his home in circumstances yet to be clarified. The news immediately bounced on the web, going trending up Twitter. Many have railed against the world of science, guilty, according to some users, of having left the doctor “alone”, ostracized because of the controversial therapy that involved the infusion of blood of infected with coronavirus, appropriately treated, in other patients infected.

De Donno suicide, the storm on the web

«Too many slanders, insults, mockery of colleagues from talk TV with overbearing. The same people who impose the greenpass on us »writes the journalist Mariagiovanna Maglie, which in an hour has already collected over a thousand likes. Many do not believe that the doctor took his own life. “Suicide? We are sure? This story is disturbing and surreal »writes Filippo.

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“This suicide is actually a murder that has known principals and executors” Massimo treads his hand. “Behind the alleged suicide of DeDonno there is a man left alone, a doctor who had dedicated everything to his treatment and research” tweets Alex. To comment on the news, doubting that it is suicide, even many so-called bricklayers, users who have a brick next to their name and who often recognize themselves in the positions of no-vax.

Red Ronnie: “So they killed him”

The reaction of also lasts Red Ronnie at the news of the death of the former primary: «They left him alone, they killed him. De Donno is a victim of those who have decided this massacre we are witnessing, he should be made a saint», says the historic host of Roxy Bar. De Donno was «a simple person, a doctor who had understood that it was not necessary to intubate the sick and burn their lungs, but plasma was enough. Yet lives cannot be saved with methods that are not prescribed. A bag of plasma cost 80 euros (…). It would help the sick to react, to win».

From discouragement he passes to reaction. «I am sad, angry. This makes me determined. It’s time to say enough». «Giuseppe De Donno is gone. I wanted to call him, I didn’t think it would go like this», remembers Red Ronnie who continues: «With this gesture, De Donno motivated us who believe in humanity and not on profit, on earning on a drug even more.»explains Ronnie.

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