the partnership with Prague in the name of street art

the partnership with Prague in the name of street art
the partnership with Prague in the name of street art

Milano – A new one stands out road canvas a Milano, whose dominant features are those of Alfons Mucha’s Art Nouveau, in the seductive forms of Princess Libuse. It is the predominant hyphen between the neo-Renaissance and unmistakable profile of the National Museum of Prague, outlined in the background, and the symbols, placed in the foreground, of the current city, modern and lively, perfect for families and for generation Z.

This is how the new gigantic presents itself mural of via Morosini 4 in Milan (not far from Piazza Cinque Giornate). With embedded a red heart, the mural virtually reaches out to the other two great works of the well-known street artist Millo, which already overlook the Garden of Cultures, in Zona4 a Milano.

It was signed by the Roman artists Solo e Diamond (in the century respectively Flavio Carbonaro and Stefano Biagiotti), whose ten-year partnership – which blends cartoonist, pop and liberty inspirations and is appreciated all over the world – had not yet found an outlet on a Milanese wall. Providing them with the opportunity was theCzech National Tourist Board, which saw the realization of the project to donate an author’s mural to the city of Milan, which had the colors and seductions of the Czech land.

From metropolis to metropolis, the choice could only fall on Prague, a city with a thousand faces and a thousand stories. While not neglecting the rich historical, artistic and architectural heritage for which the capital of the Czech Republic is famous, a Prague up-to-date, young, creative, urban, alternative, irrepressible and always different, whose new way of communicating is street art.

An original and unprecedented initiative that of Czech Tourism, who feels the bond with Milan very strong. With the city that hosts its Italian headquarters, the institution shares a great impetus towards the art and creativity of young people, a powerful cultural and requalification tool. As well as in Milan phenomena of the canister of the caliber of Millo, Orticanoodles, Ericailcane, Zed1, Eron, Pao, Microbo and many others have literally redesigned the city, in the same way in the Czech capital there is a flourishing of masonry works that reinterpret (and redevelop) forgotten or anonymous corners. So that Czech Tourism recently he has enclosed the most interesting graffiti in an e-book, along with other forms of street art, creative addresses, cool clubs, student hangouts, latest design workshops and concept stores in urban and hipster Prague .

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