“Drown and move”. A new truth emerges about Viviana and Gioele

“Drown and move”. A new truth emerges about Viviana and Gioele
“Drown and move”. A new truth emerges about Viviana and Gioele

It’s been nearly a year since the lifeless bodies of Viviana Parisi, passed in the news as the “mamma deejay” of Venetico, and of her little son Joel only 4 years old, they were found in the woods of Caronia, in the Messina area. According to the Prosecutor of Patti, it is a murder-suicide: Viviana would have killed the child – perhaps in the throes of some sort of “psychotic delirium“- and then she would have killed herself by throwing herself off a high voltage pylon.

The victim’s family members, on the other hand, argue that the truth is quite different from that which has emerged so far from the papers of the investigation, considering the hypothesis of a fillicide, culminating in the suicide of the woman, formulated by the investigators highly unlikely. “Viviana did not kill her son and did not commit suicide. The bodies of the victims were moved by someone and then left in the place where they were found. We have scientific evidence”, the criminologist explains to our editorial staff. Carmelo Lavorino, consultant of the Mondello family, specifying that the two bodies have not yet been released to allow further technical-scientific investigations.

At what point are the investigations into the “yellow of Caronia”?

“We part experts are still awaiting the results of the info-investigative activities, the consultations and reports of the prosecutor, the films, the photos and all the material in the file, further examinations of the bodies by them through laser instrumentation 3D “.

What’s wrong with the death of Viviana and Giole?

“Everything. Unfortunately, some investigators working on the case have clung to the completely unfounded hypothesis of murder-suicide.”

Why is the hypothesis of a homicide-suicide not credible?

“Because there is scientific evidence that proves the exact opposite of the hypothesis formulated by the prosecutor. There has been no aggressive act of Viviana against Joel, no psychotic breakdown of the woman has occurred”.

Viviana was said to have suffered from depression. What did the psychological autopsy reveal?

“Nothing true. Viviana was certainly worried about Covid, like everyone else. But from here to say that she killed her son, we pass”.

What are the “scientific evidence“which, in his opinion, deny the thesis of the prosecutor?

“First of all, Viviana’s impossibility of climbing the trellis. The woman would have encountered many difficulties in climbing with gym shoes (or with only one shoe) with a ‘non-prehensile sole’ on a hot, slippery metal trellis with brambles. thorny and stinging. Then it is highly unlikely – and conjecturally illogical – that there are no digital traces (biological and DNA) of Viviana on the trellis or that the victim suffered injuries (scratches or bruises) to the body while attempting to climb “.

So how would Viviana die?

“Viviana died of asphyxiation in the water”.

Where would she drown?

“Inside a reservoir in the Caronia wood, with characteristics similar to those of a well such as, that is, with a depth of about 5 meters and containing a maximum of half a meter of water”.

And the little son Joel?

“The death of both occurred as a result of precipitation and subsequent asphyxiation inside the reservoir. Unfortunately, we have few elements to analyze of the child since he was attacked by wild animals.”

How did you come to this conclusion?

“Two vertebrae exploded in Viviana which caused her marrow to break: she died immediately after the fall. And then there is another very important detail that should not be overlooked”.

What detail?

“Both victims had pink teeth. A condition that occurs when a body remains in water for several days.”

Assuming they fell into the reservoir, how were the bodies recovered?

“Everything points to the fact that the precipitated bodies (with times, ways, dynamics and motifs to be identified and defined) in the reservoir were extracted through the use of an instrument, probably a forceps or pig hook extractor, bottom of the well and pulled up. Obviously the body of Viviana – an adult person – was pulled by the hair. And this also explains the traces on Viviana’s clothing probably compatible with some traces on the body and the lack of the torn strand of hair, detected in autopsy “.

So have they been moved from place to place?

“Yes, they were translated from the place where they fell below the pylon.”

Who and for what reason would “translated“the corpses?

“There are several hypotheses that we have formulated and that we are waiting to verify once we have access to the reports of the prosecutor”.

Is there also the criminal trail among the hypotheses you follow?

“A misdirection and staging activity was put in place by a ‘criminal combination’, through an easy translation of Viviana’s body under the pylon with adequate means and in total safety. This ‘criminal combination’ is logically composed of subjects with characteristics of deep knowledge of the territory, of the paths, of the orography and of the events: subjects who move with confidence, knowledge, mastery and certainty of impunity “.

Is the truth about the “yellow of Caronia” near?

“Close or far, we won’t stop until we prove it.”

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