Milan, a blonde girl runs downtown and is completely without clothes. Indifference of passers-by

This is also Milan: a girl was spotted in Milan, in the center, wandering around completely without clothes amid the indifference of other passers-by. The shocking photo was posted on the Facebook page MilanoBellaDaDio, which reports every day shots sent by users to document what is beautiful and ugly in the “Italian moral capital”, the capital of Lombardy. Unfortunately, it should not be said, the classic exhibitionist or provocateur who undresses to attract some kind of publicity or clamor.
According to reports, the blonde woman, thin and middle-aged, has been walking barefoot for a few days in the Piazza Scala area, near the famous opera house of the same name, and commuting to Piazza Duomo. She could be a homeless person from whom someone, perhaps the same homeless people, have stolen her clothes. In general, her health conditions do not seem good at all and the concern increases considering that even with the air lost, lost and afraid no one would have helped her yet. In fact, many of the Facebook page users are worried and indignant at such indifference, as evidenced by other photos and videos published in the comments. An indifference that condemns a priori what is probably an unsustainable hardship and a situation of great precariousness.

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