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ANTICYCLONE SAVING, FIRST STORM – African anticyclone that is starting to give way from the North under the pressure of more humid and unstable Atlantic currents. Weather change already underway on Sunday morning with first showers and downpours that are engaging Upper Piedmont and Upper Lombardy. Variability also taking place in the central regions with local rains occurring between Sardinia and Lazio.

IN THE NORTH, EVEN VIOLENT STORM – between late afternoon and evening a marked increase in instability is expected starting from the North-West regions with the formation of showers and thunderstorms that will involve in particular Valle d’Aosta, central-northern Piedmont and medium-high Lombardy by evening. Pay attention as, locally, the phenomena may also be violent with strong gusts of wind, intense precipitation, lightning strikes and hail risk. Some showers or thunderstorms are also expected in the afternoon in the eastern Alps. Quieter situation in the lower Po Valley and the plains of Veneto and Friuli but with intense and sultry heat.

AT THE CENTER OF VARIABILITY, AFA AND SAHARIAN POWDER – atmospheric variability also in the central regions, affected by cloud bodies arriving from Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Many clouds alternating with some clear spells e risk of local rain and drizzle, in particular between Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo. NOTE: among the raindrops there will be large quantities of Saharan dust, transported to the skies of Italy by the anticyclone. In the evening the situation will improve with ample spells.

IN THE SOUTH SUN PREVALS BUT VERY HOT – African anticyclone that remains firmly in the South with mainly sunny conditions, except for some clouds between Campania, Molise and upper Puglia). In the afternoon peaks between 35 and 40 degrees on the inland areas of Sicily and Puglia.

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