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At the Ariake Arena, the Italians overwhelm Busato’s Russia in three sets, knocked out with a score of 25-23, 25-19, 25-14

The adventure in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics begins in the best wayItalvolley female: at the Ariake Arena, in fact, the Italians overwhelm the team in three sets Russia from Sergio Busato and take their first victory of the group stage. The balance lasts only at the start, then the formation of Davide Mazzanti takes off, takes advantage of the Russian collapse and wins with two perfect sets: ends 3-0 (25-23, 25-19, 25-14).

There could not have been a better debut for women’s Italvolleyball in Tokyo 2020. At the Ariake Arena, the blues play an almost perfect match, shaking off the excitement of the first points and overwhelming Russia coached by Sergio Busato: it ends 3-0, with the results of the partials (25-23, 25-19, 25-14) which best testify the performance of Mazzanti’s team. The start of Italy is with the handbrake on, with a not very brilliant Egonu and a quick 3-0 in favor of the Russians, but immediately recovered by the blue. Busato’s formation excels above all in the wall and finds the +3 (11-8), but undergoes the comeback again. The central part of the set sees the two teams fighting point by point, with Italy finding the double advantage several times, then closing the partial at 25-23 thanks to the attack of Bosetti, who despite finding the opposition of the Russian wall scores the decisive point, with Busato who relies in vain on the challenge: 1-0 in the set count.

The second opens with a super Italy that immediately flies to 4-0 and forces Russia to time-out: a break that is good, because the -4 is canceled at 8 after two errors by Paola Egonu. The scenario repeats itself when the blue regain the four points advantage (18-14), with Busato calling his players to him to fix the offensive phase. This time, however, Mazzanti’s girls are not surprised and increase the booty, mortgaging the second set that ends on 25-19. In the third, Russia practically does not take the field and pulls the plug at the end of the match: Busato’s formation holds up until 10-9, then Italy, finally dragged by an incisive and wild Paola Egonu, finds a terrifying 15- 5 of partial and closes on 25-14, archiving the practice of the debut and winning the first victory of the group stage. The next opponent of Davide Mazzanti’s terrible blues will be Giovanni Guidetti’s Turkey.

ITALY-ROC 3-0 (25-23, 25-19, 25-14)
– ITA: Malinov, Egonu 18, Danesi 6, Fahr 9, Pietrini 10, Bosetti 12, De Gennaro (L). Sorokaite 1, Chirichella, Orro 1. Do not enter: Folie, Sylla. All: Mazzanti.
– ROC: Koroleva 7, Fedorovtseva 10, Fetisova 3, Voronkova 7, Podkopaeva (L). Lazareva 1, Pilipenko, Smirnova, Enina, Matveeva. All: Busato.

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