The trial of the CSM against Storari Giallo on the “slowed down” investigations –

The trial of the CSM against Storari Giallo on the “slowed down” investigations –
The trial of the CSM against Storari Giallo on the “slowed down” investigations –
from Luigi Ferrarella

The president of the Milan Bar heard on the tensions between prosecutors

Not bad as a head-tail: just the Milanese prosecutor Paolo Storari, which claims to have given a word copy in April 2020 of the secret minutes of Piero Amara on the “lodge Hungary»To the then councilor CSM Piercamillo Davigo only to move the investigative paralysis in his opinion imposed by the heads of the Milanese prosecutor, he is accused in a disciplinary way by the Attorney General of the Cassation (who the day before yesterday asked the CSM for an urgent precautionary transfer of office) of having in turn paralyzed another investigation for 4 months in which there was a conflict of interest: the investigation with which Storari and his deputy prosecutor Laura Pedio between 2020 and 2021 tried in vain to find out where the other minutes in word of Amara had come from that on 30 October 2020 the journalist of the Fatto Quotidiano Antonio Massari had notified the Prosecutor to have received anonymous. Stasi credited to the pg of Cassation Giovanni Salvi by the reports of Pedio’s last 6 May and the Greek prosecutor’s 7 May: in which it was noted that Pedio, after having agreed with Storari in January 2021 to entrust a consultant with an IT appraisal, “had then ascertained that only on March 8, 2021 »Storari had made this first act of investigation. Hence the accusation, made by Salvi to Storari, of “slowdown» e «obstruction of the investigation for 4 months, from 30 October 2020 to 8 March 2021.

Except that, if some circumstances arise with investigators from the Guardia di Finanza, it turns out that already in November 2020 – a few days after the arrival of the journalist who had told how a woman who immediately left in a white car had brought the anonymous reports to the editorial office in Rome – the GDF had received the task of acquiring the traffic from the prosecutor Storari of the phone cell that covered the editorial office, the images of the cameras in the area, and the list of white car plates in Rome. As already on 5 November, the Gdf, again on behalf of Storari, had seized the phone of Vincenzo Armanna, the former Eni manager much valued by the prosecutors of the Eni-Nigeria trial, who already in February 2020 had shown the stunned Pedio and Storari to possess a sheet of a report (true, not word) of Amara.

To these investigations immediately in November 2020, which would seem little reconcile with an intention of “slowing down” and “obstructing” the investigation, however, the indictment drawn up by the pg of Cassation makes no mention. a way of learning them if they had not been reported to him by the reports of Pedio and Greco, assumed by Salvi as the basis for the request to send Storari away from Milan and not to let him do the prosecutor’s office anymore.

We will understand more next Friday, when the CSM will decide precisely on the transfer requested by the Pg of Cassation on the eve of the hearings tomorrow and the day after tomorrow of about ten Milanese prosecutors and judges already summoned by the First Commission in a “surveillance” procedure on the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office: office where they are also investigated Deputy Prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale and prosecutor Sergio Spadaro, in the hypothesis that they did not submit to the Eni-Nigeria trial court elements (found and reported to them by Storari) of unreliability of Armanna “witnesses” for the indictment.

The CSM has already heard the president of the Bar, Vinicio Nardo. The Milanese lawyer, Nardo said, does not side with one prosecutor or the other; however, he experienced with bewilderment the use in February 2020 by the prosecutors of the Eni-Nigeria trial, against a “highly esteemed” judge like Marco Tremolada, of only one of Amara’s omissions among all his other statements that instead epoch the leaders of the Prosecutor’s Office took with the springs; and in general he finds that the climate of tension in the Prosecutor’s Office does not facilitate the daily work of lawyers ..

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