Overwhelming Italy against Russia

Overwhelming Italy against Russia
Overwhelming Italy against Russia

TOKYO (JAPAN) – Davide Mazzanti’s debut in the Olympic tournament of the women’s national team could not have been better than this. The blue, at the end of a perfect collective performance, sweep away the resistance of a Russia (Roc in these Olympics) that has never worried our girls. In balance the first set, with the two teams chasing each other in the score but won in the sprint by Italy, then a monologue by Malinov and teammates who in the subsequent halves showed all their potential, in reception on the wall in attack signing a performance that has come close to perfection. Not even the usual disruptive Egonu was needed. Paola played a game slightly below her potential but in the end she signed the point that ended the match which ended with an eloquent 3-0 (25-23; 25-19; 25-14) which gives our awareness and certainties in view of the continuation of the tournament.

For the debut in the Olympic tournament, the coach Davide Mazzanti chose as starting lineup Malinov in dribbling, Egonu opposite, Danesi and Fahr central, Pietrini and Bosetti crushers with De Gennaro free. Roc deployed by Busato with Startseva in dribble, opposite Goncharova, Koroleva and Fetisova in the middle, Voronkova and Fedorovtseva spikers with Podkopaeva free.

First set substantially balanced with the two teams that have chased each other with failed escape attempts. What matters is that in the final the blue placed the decisive draw which earned them 1-0 thanks to the final 25-23.

Second fraction in substantial equilibrium until 14-13, moment in which the blues began to dig the furrow which turned out to be decisive (+6 20-14) also thanks to a good turn in Sorokaite’s service. Failed a first set ball, the blues then went to 2-0 by virtue of the 25-19 decreed by Malinov’s intuition that surprised the defense of Russia.

Third set in which the situation remained substantially unchanged with the blue still good at keeping the opponents at a distance (16-9) and managing the situation, thus closing the first match at 25-14 which decreed the final 3-0.


ITALY-RUSSIA (ROC) 3-0 (25-23; 25-19; 25-14)

ITALY: Farh 9, Egonu 18, Bosetti 12, Danesi 6, Malinov 4, Pietrini 10, De Gennaro (Libero), Sorokaite 1, Orro 1, Chirichella. Folie, Sylla and All.Mazzanti

RUSSIA (ROC): Fedorovsteva 10, Fetisova 3, Goncharova 6, Voronkova 7, Koroleva 7, Startseva 1, Podkopaeva (Libero), Pilipenko, Lazareva, Smirnova, Enina, Matveeva. All.Busato

ARBITRI: Rolf (United States), Maroszek (Poland)

Set duration: 31 ‘; 30 ‘; 24 ‘


Overwhelming Italy Russia

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