boys between 10 and 29 years the most affected

boys between 10 and 29 years the most affected
boys between 10 and 29 years the most affected

It affects all age groups, also reaching young people, and today it is the most widespread variant in all Italy: the delta variant has far exceeded, in terms of number of infections, the alpha variant and affects with a higher percentage i boys between 10 and 29 years old.

This is what emerges from the latest bulletin of the Integrated Surveillance Institute: in the last 45 days, from 5 June to 19 July, 4,958 cases of infection with SARS-CoV-2 and, for the first time, the number of reports of cases caused by the delta variant, equal to 46%, exceeded those caused by the alpha variant which remains at 35% despite being still the most widespread geographically, maintaining at least one case in 87 different Italian provinces while the delta variant reached 73 with at least one case.

Delta variant, the most widespread and fastest

Since December 2020 the alpha variant has always been the most present in most of the sequenced / genotyped cases, therefore in 69.7% of cases, but this trend has not been confirmed in the last 45 days: the alpha variant remains at 35.24 %, beta at 0.32% and gamma at 7.16%, the delta variant stands out above all, which in a month and a half has spread steadily, reaching 45.97% of cases.

The ISS has monitored the presence of variants in positive cases at Covid and, putting them in a temporal sequence starting from last March, highlights the significant acceleration of the delta variant which, in fact, was not present in national cases in March: it appears in it starts at the beginning of April and then grows in a few months and reaches its highest level in July. The percentage of sequences attributable to the delta variant, out of the total sequences deposited in I-Co-Gen, was equal to 3.41%, in April, 8.91%, in May, 39, 42% in June and 78.14% in July.


From the ISS report, the greater involvement of younger groups affected by the delta variant appears clear: the distribution by age group confirms the presence of a slightly higher percentage of cases of gamma variant infection in subjects over 90 years of age. But there are numerous cases caused by the delta variant in all age groups, with a higher percentage of cases in subjects between the ages of 10 and 29.


The delta variant, as well as the alpha, do not attack the male and female body differently.The infection rates are mostly similar, both by examining the overall data starting from last December, and by examining the last period that sees the delta variant in first position therefore in full curve of infections. In fact, since last December, exactly from 28 December to 19 July, the alpha variant has affected 70, 96% of women and 68.54% of men, while in the last 45 days the percentages have dropped to 37.78% for women and 33.12% for men.

Reverse path, therefore on the rise, for the delta variant which in the long term, from 28 December to 19 July, involved a total of 6.06% of women and 7.81% of men while, in the last 45 days, it completed a strong leap forward reaching 43.99% of women and 47.06% of men.

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