Demonstration in Rome against the mandatory green pass

Carlo Witness
July 24, 2021 6:25 pm

“Freedom, freedom, freedom”. And again: “No green pass”. But also chants against Burioni and Draghi. They tried to hide: fearing the bans of social networks such as facebook or twitter, they chose telegram to get together and give themselves courage. The tam tam traveled and produced, in just over 24 hours, a thousand people in Piazza del Popolo. It is the people who do not want the obligatory green pass that from 5 pm today, Saturday 24 July, invaded the square where the successes of Roberto Mancini’s boys were celebrated until 2 weeks ago.

From blue to green, of the green pass but also of anger. Yes, because while not filling even half of the basin of the central square of Rome, the thousand of people are angry. A peaceful anger that translates into chants for the resistance against the obligation of the Green pass, for freedom and for home care. There is no shortage of insults to the political class (Draghi the most targeted) and to the virologist Burioni. The flags of Italy stand out, but also signs with the face of Draghi, Figliuolo, Burioni, the culprits of “this health dictatorship”. Some people wear T-shirts featuring Dragons and Hope behind bars. “A criminal government” is heard shouting from the square.

Photo from facebook page Epoch Times Italia

“We are here to express our opposition to the use of the Green Pass. We are not against the vaccine, but we believe that this measure damages the economy. I have a restaurant and I have few outdoor seats. With this measure, many will fail. “says one of the protesters.

An event that, minute by minute, has grown bigger. On social networks, CasaPound Italia also marks the territory, signaling its presence. We speak with several megaphones and among those that pass from hand to hand it is impossible not to notice the Forza Nuova sticker standing out in plain sight. Ultra-right manifestation? In part, minimally. Much disorganization, another side of the spontaneity that brought these thousand angry people to the streets.

The stage is missing, there is no precise order of the interventions, but the anger comes out anyway. Even against journalists guilty of not giving the right information. The fountain of the Lions becomes the pedestal for screaming. “Please do not write now that this is a no vax demonstration. Here we are not no vax: we are for the freedom to be able to turn and escape this health dictatorship”, says a protester. A demonstration that is not exclusively no mask: in fact there is no shortage of demonstrators with masks.

“We are ten thousand”, they dare shouting. “This square has only one flag and it is that of freedom. They want to lock us up, but this demonstration shows the true will of the people”.


Demonstration Rome mandatory green pass

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