opening of the Albano landfill in the balance. Commissioner hypothesis

opening of the Albano landfill in the balance. Commissioner hypothesis
opening of the Albano landfill in the balance. Commissioner hypothesis

It risks precipitating the already delicate situation of the waste in the capital: the reopening of the landfill of Albano decided by the mayor Virginia Raggi to avert the waste emergency in Rome. Ecoambiente, the company that owns the plant, has in fact made it known that the necessary sureties for the reopening of the site, they never arrived and for this reason “the transfer service scheduled for Monday 26 will not be guaranteed”.

Waste in Rome, it is an emergency: “A landfill in the city, yes to Monte Carnevale”

Waste in Rome, risk of collection chaos: opening of the Albano landfill in the balance

From the Metropolitan City of Rome they reassure: they let it be known that “there is no problem with regard to the Albano landfill” which “will open as soon as the technical issues related to the surety are resolved” and it is also emphasized that the ordinance, signed by the mayor Virginia Raggi, “is fully valid and effective”. But in a letter sent to the parties (Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, mayor Virginia Raggi, to the Ministry of Ecological Transaction, to the prefect of Rome and to the Lazio Region) Ecoambiente he explains: “The insurance company has not yet made the formal transfer to Ecoambiente Srl of the surety policy, currently active for the operational management of the landfill located in Via Ardeatina Km. 24,640 – Albano Laziale (RM)”. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, had signed on July 15 the order for the reopening of the Albano landfill, to deliver the waste from the capital to the municipality in the province.

The controversy

Not a few controversies for the decision taken by Raggi. The first of all to lash out against the ordinance was the mayor of Albano, Massimiliano Borelli: “I will proceed with the appeal to the TAR against the ordinance – underlined Borelli -. In addition to the institutions, the citizens’ associations also took action by filing a complaint for environmental damage, ”he said. The mayor in recent days had defended her choice: “I tried to apply the law, I must say that they are all against me but they don’t realize that without plants, collection stops and the waste remains out of the bins because the trucks don’t they know where to take them. I laugh with rage when Zingaretti and his councilors say they want to call the Army, that they want me to be commissioner ». The date for the reopening of the Albano plant, useful for averting the emergency, had been set for Monday 26 but, just yesterday, the company that owns the plant announced that it was impossible.

Nightmare commiassariamento

The threat of commissioning by the Lazio Region also looms over Roma Capitale. In fact, on 27 July the famous 60 days expire, that is the time that the Lazio Region, with a council order signed by President Nicola Zingaretti, had made available to the mayor to indicate a suitable area, within the municipal boundaries, to find a long-term solution, to close the capital’s waste cycle. Zingaretti himself, a few days ago, declared that he hoped for “answers for definitive solutions” because “what is missing is the existence of a site that guarantees a modern waste cycle and saves the Romans a lot of taxes”.

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