Ozpetek, Italy will recover well from pandemic – Campania

Ozpetek, Italy will recover well from pandemic – Campania
Ozpetek, Italy will recover well from pandemic – Campania

“Guys today are open, politicians still discuss Zan ‘Law

(ANSA) – GIFFONI VALLE PIANA, 24 JUL – These months “are difficult for everyone, but I imagine especially for you. We are experiencing the third world war, but we will overcome it and it will be useful”. Ferzan Ozpetek says this in the meeting with the boys at the Giffoni Film Festival, where he receives the Truffaut award. “I dedicate it” to two actresses I love and with whom I would have loved to work, Monica Vitti and Lea Massari, I greet them and send them a hug “.

To face this period “the most important thing is to vaccinate all of us, maybe we could even fall again but we will get up” he adds in the meeting with journalists. Italy, the country “of which I am madly in love, will recover very well from the pandemic” he stresses. In society “you children and adolescents, you are so open, I also see it with my grandchildren, we adults spoil everything – he explains turning to the young jurors -. Today many young people are fluid, they are not interested in patterns, especially on sexuality, Politicians they do not understand this “and” they are still there discussing the Zan Bill “. As an author “I have never worried about the reaction of the public to my stories, I have always told the feelings of people, in my cinema I have never thought about dividing between homosexuals and heterosexuals. I have always done the things that I liked, whether it was a film, a book or a theatrical direction “. For example, filming The ignorant fairies “I would never have imagined how many people’s outlook on certain issues would change – he explains -. You must always judge people from the waist up, never from the waist down, what matters is the head”.

The filmmaker is finishing the filming of the series inspired by The ignorant Fairies, made for Star within Disney +: “Compared to the film we have changed a lot of things, because today that story is very common, Italy has changed a lot in 20 years. We started from that idea but a very strong and beautiful world came out. I’m very happy. ” After the series, Ozpetek will return to the set for a film, made for Warner, with which we have a great understanding “. (ANSA).


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Ozpetek Italy recover pandemic Campania

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