From builders, engineers and architects a joint appeal to the candidates for mayor of Rome

From builders, engineers and architects a joint appeal to the candidates for mayor of Rome
From builders, engineers and architects a joint appeal to the candidates for mayor of Rome

ROMA – Intervening on the public administration, making it more efficient, to help those who want to invest in the capital. It is the appeal that the president of the association of Roman building builders, Nicolò Rebecchini, that of the Order of Architects of Rome and Province, Christian Rocchi, and the president of the Order of Engineers of Rome and Province, Carla Cappiello, addressed the candidates for mayor of Rome, during an interview with the Dire agency.

We need to restart Rome by putting those who want to invest in the city in a position to do so, with tranquility and certain times. Before talking about visions, new ideas, new programs and investments, it is necessary to address the issue of public administration – explained Rebecchini – An efficient administrative machine is synonymous with investments, relaunching the city and new ideas. Unfortunately, it now suffers from a series of problems that come from afar and as a consequence leads to mistrust on the part of investors and therefore does not invest “.

According to Rebecchini, “solutions are not to be sought far out of the context we have. There are valid officials and managers, you need to make a machine work that today pays for a vision of deconstruction. The pieces have to be put back on their feet and the approach reversed. It is unthinkable not to know how to guarantee the times to reach objectives that are already defined by politics. Taking a building permit in three years is a practice but it is not correct because by law it should take 135 days ”.

Therefore, for the president of Ance Roma “a constant relationship between public administration, politics and associations e reverse course on the one hand, enabling the private sector to make proposals endorsed with self-certifications and, on the other, the public administration to make control easier. If there is a problem we must find solutions synergistically within the structure we have ”. “If we wait for new resources, before equipping and educating them, we lose three years, the funds of the NRP are skipping, investors will look elsewhere and it will be yet another failure for the city. We ask the candidates for mayor special attention on this topic- concluded Rebecchini- It is not enough to make competitions, alternative solutions must be found“.


For the president of the Capitoline engineers, Carla Cappiello, “Rome is a city that has ‘grown badly’ but the conditions are all favorable to work to regain its dignity as the capital of Italy and Europe. The ingredients are the ability to rationalize the work of the public administration to make it efficient, listening to professionals, businesses and citizens and above all using the tools that exist, without resorting to special powers conferred by the central government, to make Rome a real Smart City “.


According to the president of the Roman architects, there are two points on which attention should be focused, Christian Rocchi: “Think about what Rome will be in the future and the fact that the future passes through contingent things, which essentially are the offices of Rome Capital and the lack of personnel. There spending review it has blocked recruitments, 100 has given the coup de grace and therefore we must enter into the merits of the problem “. In the Project Archive office “due to lack of personnel, it is not possible to get the files out, for example those to get the 110% bonus. When these offices don’t work, investments in the city don’t come ”. The Municipality is running the competitions “but the first employees will arrive in three years and often they are not even trained. It is too late, we cannot be stuck for this whole period ”.

For this the architects propose to the Capitol “a subsidiarity intervention, that is one integrated advisory commission that it can lighten the work of the Municipalities and of the Department of Urban Planning and Implementation which has a shortage of about 60 people, a figure – concluded Rocchi – which represents the evidence that those fundamental offices for the development of the city do not work “.

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