Green pass, protests in Rome, Milan and Turin

Green pass, protests in Rome, Milan and Turin
Green pass, protests in Rome, Milan and Turin

Green pass, protests in Rome, Milan and Turin against the mandatory nature of the green document after the approval of the new decree by the government. “Liberty, liberty, liberty” intoned from the demonstration called in piazza del popolo a Roma. There are those who shout “no Green pass”, who “live Italy free”. There are a few hundred people who are protesting peacefully. A boy waves the Italian flag and one, with a microphone, invites not to apply the government measures. “Assassins, assassins, assassins”, this is the cry addressed to the institutions by the event. Some people wear T-shirts featuring Dragons and Hope behind bars.

“I will never get injected with an experimental serum to please a sick society”, “No Green Pass, yes home care”, “turn off the TV, turn on the brain”: these are some of the posters that appeared in the square. Not only banners, but also chants and shouts: to the cry of “resistance”, “freedom” hundreds of people show their opposition to what was decided by the Draghi government.

“We are here to express our opposition to the use of the Green Pass. We are not against the vaccine, but we believe that this measure damages the economy. I have a restaurant and I have few outdoor seats. With this measure, many will fail. “, one of the demonstrators told Adnkronos.

“I don’t want to have my children vaccinated. They are 10 and 11 years old, but I fear that they too will soon be forced to get vaccinated. I certainly don’t make them swab to go to school. Hands off the children”, the words of a mother who participates with her family in the event.

To the cry of “freedom, freedom” also started a Milano, from Piazza Fontana, the procession against the Green pass. Several hundred demonstrators, mostly without masks, headed for Piazza Duomo. At the start of the march there were some tensions with the press, with demonstrators who tried to drive away journalists by calling him “sold”. “We go where we want” and “no green pass” the choirs that alternate with insults against the Prime Minister Mario Draghi. At the head of the procession, which in a few minutes entered the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and reached Piazza della Scala, the banner “Via the multinationals from the State” and “no big Pharma” stands out.

On many placards exhibited by demonstrators, then, similarities between the discrimination of the unvaccinated and that suffered by Jews. “Unvaccinated = Jews” reads one poster in the shape of a star of David, while on another the green pass is compared to a swastika.

In front of the entrance to Palazzo Marino, the headquarters of the Municipality of Milan, the carabinieri are lined up in riot gear. “Take off your helmets, we are for freedom and peace, not for violence”, the demonstrators shout to the military. “We are the people, the police must be on our side”, “the people have woken up, I don’t know how much we can protect them”, add other people who are protesting against the green pass. “We are not against vaccines, but the anti-Covid one is not, it is a gene therapy”, says Dario, in the square with his wife. “Hands off the children, no green pass” shouts a fringe of the parade.

To the cry of ‘no green pass’ and ‘freedom’ several hundred people also returned to the square this afternoon in Torino against the new rules on the use of the Green pass even in indoor restaurants and clubs. Among the participants, together with Worldwide rally for freedom, Torino Tricolore, Forza Nuova and CasaPound.

“We want the freedom to choose, we don’t want to be blocked at home by a piece of paper”, underlined the demonstrators who, behind a banner that reads ‘united for freedom of choice’, are marching through a section of the city center, from the square Castle in piazza Vittorio.

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