“Never entered the ward with a gun, no one dresses up as a sheriff”

“Never entered the ward with a gun, no one dresses up as a sheriff”
“Never entered the ward with a gun, no one dresses up as a sheriff”

“I have never entered the ward with a gun and I have never carried a gun, there are not even toy guns in my ward. Even though there are clowns that make children laugh in therapy, no one ever got dressed. as a sheriff “. Luca Bernardo, head of Pediatrics of Fatebenefratelli and candidate for mayor of the center-right for the Municipality of Milan, said this to Adnkronos, replying to the denunciation of the Lombard councilor Michele Usuelli (+ Europe), according to which Bernardo would turn armed with a pistol in the wards of the Fatebenefratelli .

“I have had the license for defense for about 10 years, like most doctors – underlines Bernardo -. I find that some leftists should stop using iron curtain methods, using defamation as a tool. For this I have already given sent to my lawyer against defamation. ” And he adds: “I believe that the electoral campaign has serious issues to address for our city, from the new poverty to the fragility of many social groups, to the dilapidated houses in the popular neighborhoods of the city, to the lack of security, to work, to the environment, mobility. All important issues. We must discuss Milan and the improvement of the life of all our fellow citizens “.

“I – he remarks again – will not sleep at night as long as I see only one person sleeping on the street, I will not sleep at night until I know that our children cannot play in the courtyards of the houses where they live or in the parks, as long as the elderly remain closed in home for fear that their own homes will be illegally occupied “. The candidate for mayor concludes: “I allow myself one last thing: the fact that after working hours I can go and visit those in need of treatment is in full line with the mandate and mission as a doctor. So obviously for someone the oath of Hippocrates is not valid. For me yes, always “.


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