Italy at the Olympics, the results of the Azzurri: Four without in the rowing final

Italy at the Olympics, the results of the Azzurri: Four without in the rowing final
Italy at the Olympics, the results of the Azzurri: Four without in the rowing final

In the fourth day of competitions in Tokyo the first blue medal signed by Vito Dell’Aquila also arrives, in the final in the -58 kg taekwondo category. Super day for rowing, with the Quattro without male in the final and with 4 other crews in the semifinals. Samele in the semifinal in the men’s saber, a victorious debut for men’s volleyball and for the Italianbasket women’s 3vs3


Fourth day of competitions a Tokyo with many blues as protagonists. Here are all the results of Saturday 24 July

3vs3 women’s basketball: Italy beats Mongolia 15-14

Victorious debut for the 3×3 blues coached by Capobianco. Italy made up of Chiara Consolini (3 pt), Rae Lin Marie D’Alie (8 pt), Marcella Filippi (2 pt) and Giulia Rulli (2 pt) overtook Mongolia with the score of 15-14.

Women’s boxing, Head to the 2nd round in the -57 kg category

At the Kokugikan Arena Irma Testa starts with a 4-1 victory inflicted on the athlete of the Russian Olympic Committee, Liudmila Vorontsova, in a match of the round of 32 in the category – 57 kg.

Cycling, Bettiol pays for the cramps: 14th in the men’s online test

Richard Carapaz took the Olympic gold medal in the men’s road test. The ecuardorian, winner of the 2019 Giro, preceded the two big favorites, the Belgian Van Aert and the Slovenian Pogacar. Nothing to do for Italy, with Bettiol who, after an amazing test, surrendered in the final to cramps and finished 14th

Judo, just outside the Milani

Francesca Milani’s Olympic journey (- 48 kg) stops at 32nd. On the Nippon Budokan Judo mat, the blue was defeated by the Chinese Taipei judoka Chen-Hao Lin.

Archery: Azzurri out in the round of 16 in the Mixed Team

The duo of blue archers made up of Chiara Rebagliati and Mauro Nespoli were eliminated 6-0 by the Netherlands in the round of 16 of the mixed team.

Taekwondo, Dell’Aquila in the final for gold

Vito Dell’Aquila in the final for gold. At the Makhuari Messe Hall, the blue will challenge the Tunisian Khalil Mohamed Jendoubi. The Apulian started his Olympic journey overcoming the Hungarian Omar Salim 26-13, in the second round of the -58 kg category. Then the blue beat the Thai Ramnarong Sawekwiharee 37-17, opening the way to the semifinal in which he defeated the Argentine Lucas Lautaro Guzman 29-10.

Men’s fencing, saber: Samele in the semifinals

In the men’s saber, Luigi Samele wins the ‘derby’ with Enrico Berrè 15-10 and enters the semifinals. In his path Berrè had prevailed on the Tunisian Fares Ferjani 15-10 and Luca Curatoli ‘avenged’ 15-12 overcoming the Romanian Iulian Teodosiu who had defeated the blue for 13-15. Samele, on the other hand, had first beaten the Chinese Yingming Xu 15-12 and then the Iranian Mohammad Rahbari for 15-7.

Shooting, no final for Ceccarello and Monna

At the Asaka Shooting Range, Sofia Ceccarello misses the 10m rifle final. The blue closes in tenth place with 627.3 points. Not even Paolo Monna qualifies, 26th (570-23x) in the men’s test

Fencing, women’s sword: Fiamingo and Isola out in the quarters

At the Makuhari Messe Hall, Rossella Fiamingo, the Olympic vice-champion of the sword in Rio 2016, the path in Tokyo 2020 stops in the quarterfinals, defeated by Estonian Katrina Lehis, 15-7. The Sicilian had overtaken the Polish Aleksandra Jarecka 15-13 in the 16 draw, previously she had defeated the Brazilian Nathalie Moellhausen, with a score of 10-9 in overtime. Federica Isola also stops in the quarters, beaten by the Chinese Ywen Sun 10-11, after having prevailed 15-9 on the other Chinese Sheng Lin and defeating the Tunisian Sarra Besbes 14-12. Mara Navarria eliminated, also defeated 10-15 by Estonian Lehis. In the previous round the blue had beaten the athlete of the Russian Olympic committee Yulia Lichagina 15-12.

Rowing, Four without in the final

On the waters of the Sea Forest Waterway Aisha Rocek and Kiri Tontodonati lead the two without blue in the A / B semifinal with the third place in the battery. Semifinal also for men with Giovanni Abagnale and Marco Di Costanzo who close their heat in second place behind Australia. Same path for Federica Cesarini and Valentina Rodini in the Two Pairs PL, second behind France and in the A / B semifinal. Stefano Oppo and Pietro Willy Ruta also pass the turn, leading the Italian PL pair to the A / B semifinal thanks to the second position in the battery behind Germany. Four without, formed by Matteo Castaldo, Matteo Lodo, ​​Bruno Rossetti and Giuseppe Vicino, is in the final. The Azzurri closed the battery behind the British crew

Tennis, Sonego and Fognini in the 2nd round. Outside Musetti and Errani

The Italian Olympic tennis tournament starts with a balance of two victories and as many defeats. Advance Fognini and Sonego, who beat the two Japanese Sugita and Daniel. Immediately outside Musetti, defeated by the Australian Millman. Among women, Sara Errani was eliminated

Volleyball men, Italy-Canada 3-2

Winning debut for Blengini’s Italvolley. The Azzurri engaged at the Ariake Arena overcame Canada in a comeback with a score of 3-2 (26-28, 18-25, 25-21, 25-18, 15-11) in a match of pool A

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