closed three places in Ponte Milvio, San Lorenzo and Prenestino

closed three places in Ponte Milvio, San Lorenzo and Prenestino
closed three places in Ponte Milvio, San Lorenzo and Prenestino

The contrast to the phenomenon of the so-called continuesviolently moved, fueled, above all, by the sale of alcoholic substances to minors. During the investigations by the police of Roma, violations were found that led to the adoption of three suspension measures of the license with the consequent closure of commercial establishments. In via Flaminia the first suspension of the license hit, for 7 days, a small supermarket where the police officers Milvio Bridge have found, in various checks, violations such as the administration of alcoholic beverages beyond the allowed time as required by the municipal ordinance.

And it was the police officers San Lorenzo to post the sign “Closed by order of the commissioner” for the duration of 10 days to a commercial activity in via Tiburtina. The owner has on several occasions been caught selling takeaway alcoholic beverages beyond the allowed time.

The public exercise of Viale della Primavera was closed by the agents of the V Prenestino district for 10 days, the scene of a fight between about 40 people that took place on the evening of last July 18 where the agents of the flying section and of Porta Maggiore. In particular, upon their arrival, about 10 people had fled, leaving two wounded on the ground, both from North Africa who, after being taken to hospital for medical treatment, were referred to the judicial authority.

The capillary controls put in place have also revealed many virtuous places that comply with sector regulations, paying maximum attention to the rules relating to the administration of alcohol and those for the containment of Covid-19. In any case, similar services, aimed above all at stemming and eradicating the phenomenon of the administration of alcohol to minors, will continue, incessantly, even in the next few days, with the adoption, if necessary, of other measures to suspend the license pursuant to article 100 Tulps towards the sanctioned commercial establishments.


closed places Ponte Milvio San Lorenzo Prenestino

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