Hall argues with superiority. Bernardo goes to Rogoredo to listen and verify the extent of the drama

It can. And I would like to say that doing to understand better, the non-designer human professionalism, the clarity of intentions and, perhaps, that familiar tone without wanting to bully, that listening because everyone can give useful information, can be Luca Bernardo’s winning weapon. .

Instead, there is in Sala’s attitudes and words a resentment for those who dare, in any way, to try to undermine or diminish his superiority, which manifests his presumption. And if the antagonist is Salvini, implicitly his considerations become a sneer of deliberate irony with implicit contempt “To the League that complains if you anticipate the vote of a seventh I say: ‘But please, a little decency, come on’ . It took him a year to find the candidate for mayor and now they make a fuss for a week or two before ”. Thus the mayor Giuseppe Sala spoke live to ‘Timeline’ on Sky, regarding the debate on the date of the next administrative elections. “At a certain point we were told that we will vote between mid-September and mid-October and the question is: did you mean first round or both? The question is not irrelevant because if you vote on 10 October it means going with the ballot on 25 October. ” – continued Sala. But for his proposal to anticipate the vote, because the more time passes and the more his failures emerge, he did not allow anyone to clarify that the date of the elections is a matter for the government.

Appearing, throwing smoke without roast, appearing on social networks, making angry paternals against the young people of the Movida, are the prerogatives of Sala.

Being there, without cameras in tow to verify the extent of the problem, talking to the volunteer operators, disconsolately present at an unresolved tragedy, belongs to Bernardo. And I’m clarifying that on Wednesday night Bernardo was in Rogoredo, a suburb of Milan. «I have seen unacceptable things», he says, «reality that I already knew as a doctor. We didn’t want cameras because we want to listen, collect opinions. The catwalks are not in our DNA. We are pragmatic because we are Milanese. And Milan has its strength, its industriousness “


Hall argues superiority Bernardo Rogoredo listen verify extent drama

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