Assistance and animation, the plan for the elderly in the city of August

Assistance and animation, the plan for the elderly in the city of August
Assistance and animation, the plan for the elderly in the city of August

Trips to discover the hidden corners of Milan and outside the city, to Boario and Gerola in the province of Sondrio, guided tours and nature trails in the city parks, botanical walks, navigation on the Navigli, days in the pool, entrances to the outdoor and indoor cinema , pizza with friends and mid-August lunches. There is a rich menu of activities that the Municipality offers for the month of August to its most vulnerable citizens and to the elderly who are more alone in this period and may find themselves in difficulty. The proposed activities will start on August 3 and will continue throughout the month; to get information and take part, you need to call the contact center of the Municipality on 020202 (active from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 20) starting from next Monday, July 26th. Through the operators, an appointment will be set for a first orientation interview and to book one’s presence at the chosen activities, which must follow precise indications and health safety protocols. For requests for help, the ‘Anti-heat / anti-loneliness plan’ is active until 31 August, which extends assistance interventions in favor of the elderly, frail people and people with disabilities already provided throughout the year to that segment of citizens that during the summer, thanks to the heat and the absence of family members, carers and neighbors, they can find themselves in difficulty. Through 020202 it is possible to apply for the delivery of meals, groceries and medicines at home, for help with personal hygiene and house cleaning, or even for the handling of small practices and maintenance.

All requests are evaluated by professional social workers who, taking into account the access criteria, will proceed to activate the service. Over the last month, from mid-June to today, a total of over 830 services have been provided: for the most part (about 500) they are home delivery of meals, followed by help in personal hygiene (about 150), in housework (about a hundred) and relational support (about sixty). In case of heat waves, frail people are contacted directly by the administrative staff even on weekends and holidays. Some of the 30 socio-recreational centers for the elderly, social, support and entertainment centers to combat the loneliness of those who stay in the city have reopened their doors as early as July 1, as required by state and regional health regulations. Other Centers are preparing to reopen shortly, and still others are planning the resumption of initiatives for the month of September. They offer their members various recreational activities, games, snacks, gymnastics, music, English classes and social lunches.

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Assistance animation plan elderly city August

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