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“From 6 August like mice locked in the house” – Il Tempo

“From 6 August like mice locked in the house” – Il Tempo
“From 6 August like mice locked in the house” – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

July 23, 2021

Roberto Burioni unleashed against the no-vax. The well-known virologist of the San Raffaele University of Milan has returned to the rescue on his social accounts to harshly criticize the most reluctant to undergo the anti-Covid vaccine. The professor is not kept, who through tweets compares no-vaxes to mice. “I propose a collection to pay the novax Netflix subscriptions for when from 5 August they will be under house arrest locked in the house like mice”, reads the official profile. A twitter arrived a few hours after the press conference of Prime Minister Mario Draghi but which is raising quite a few controversies on social media. Some users replied, beating Burioni on the choice of tones used: “I understand the frustration that comes from vulgar daily attacks, but responding with these tones, for someone who has deservedly chosen to divulge, is highly counterproductive and harmful”. But among the various comments on the tweet there are those who do not spare: “Painful as well as counterproductive. This is no time for complacency ”,“ I’m not so convinced that this kind of message works or helps someone, ”echoes another user.

But that’s not all, because in another tweet Burioni himself commented on the anti-Green Pass protest organized in Turin on the evening of Thursday 22 July. It is a retweet of a newspaper article, a comment reads: “Very clever idea: all shouting together, all unvaccinated, close and without a mask. They don’t want to vaccinate, but they will gain immunity (and green pass) through the disease. I’m sorry for the innocent people they will infect, but nothing can be done about it ”. And finally the inevitable message to the leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini, regarding the statements on the vaccine to the under 40s. Burioni replies: “Those who say that people under 40 must not get vaccinated endanger Italians, their health, their work, their freedom. Salvini, do not enter this meaningless battle, it would be a shame “.

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