The embarrassment for the uniforms of Italy at the Olympics: They look like Teletubbies

The embarrassment for the uniforms of Italy at the Olympics: They look like Teletubbies
The embarrassment for the uniforms of Italy at the Olympics: They look like Teletubbies

The athletes of Italy were the protagonists of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The blues have ended up at the center of criticism because of the uniforms worn by the blue delegation who paraded with a white suit that social media have compared to the tracksuits of the Teletubbies.

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During the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which officially kicked off the Games in Japan, a detail has not escaped the critical eye of the home crowd. During the parade by the delegation of Italian athletes, the suit worn by the blues was harshly criticized. So much so that the word immediately entered the trend on social media “Teletubbies”, one of the best known children’s entertainment programs. Users have in fact compared a part of the outfit worn by Italian athletes to that of the funny all colored ones typical of the Teletubbies.

A detail that has not escaped even abroad where they have emphasized its strangeness. The task of dressing the Azzurri at the Tokyo Olympics was entrusted to Giorgio Armani who designed a special outfit in recycled shiny tricot polyester, consisting of an open-bottomed Track Top closed on the front, a raglan sleeve and a raised crater-shaped collar with a hidden side zip. To dominate is the white color, which symbolizes the purity of sport. On the chest, the colors of the Italian flag drawn in a circular way.

“They look like the suits of the Teletubbies” wrote most of the users who then focused on the shape of the flag drawn on the chest similar to the gray square present instead on the Teletubbies suits: “Is it a pizza or a tricolor traffic light in the center?”. Someone even compared the shape of the Italian flag on the chest to a pie chart. In reality it is a very precise graphic that blends the Italian tricolor and the Japanese Rising Sun.

In short, the irony was a lot despite the complete Italy reported inside the jacket also the intro of the national anthem. The fact is that even for the Olympics, the blues’ uniforms have been criticized. Just as happened at the European football championships in which the suit worn by the team and the technical staff of Roberto Mancini before taking the field, it had been the subject of sharp criticism. As good Italians, we appeal to superstition, hoping that even in this case, the controversy over the suit worn by Italy can bring luck as it happened for the last European football championships.


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