Roma Futura officially presented, the announcement of Giovanni Caudo: “I will be the leader in the municipality”

Roma Futura officially presented, the announcement of Giovanni Caudo: “I will be the leader in the municipality”
Roma Futura officially presented, the announcement of Giovanni Caudo: “I will be the leader in the municipality”

“Welcome to interesting times”, says Giovanni Caudo, president of the III Municipality and leading candidate for Roma Futura, the civic “ecologist, feminist and egalitarian” who presented itself on 23 July in the shadow of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome: logo pink that recalls the colors of the Caudo countryside with a graphic elaboration starting from the Piazza del Campidoglio. The phrase, a well-known Chinese proverb, is commonly used in the thought of the urban planner-minis mayor who, in announcing the name and logo of the new grouping in support of Roberto Gualtieri, gives the news: “I will be a leading candidate for the municipality”.

Present at the table were Marta Bonafoni, regional councilor and spokesperson for POP – the association of the civic left that joined the Caudo project; Annalisa Corrado of Green Italia, environmentalist column of the Caudian proposal, the representation of Possibile Roma and Volt Roma, both movements that have supported the professor since the primaries that saw him finish second with 15% behind the former owner of the MEF.

“Rome in the future is a posture, it is a way of being inside the city. We cultivate a vision for the city of Rome by combining the gaze of” as if it were “with that of reality. The idea is to create political networks by being inside things, linking the local to the global: the Europe of cities, from Berlin, to Barcelona, ​​to Milan, is the other Europe, an alternative to that of the Stability Pact. In particular we will focus on three key issues: a new economic model, social policies and the ecological question. On these issues we have planned ad hoc events with which we will make specific requests to the candidate for mayor Gualtieri, who will be present, so that specific commitments are made. The goal is to affect the future of this city, not to be alone one of the parties involved “.

Marta Bonafoni said: “Future Rome is oxygen, the air that enters without doors and windows will be the surprise of the race for the Municipality. This city must not be liberated, it must be restored to its beauty, its towns and its citizens, its social energies. Roma Futura will be the list that will hold together a vision of the city with the possible happiness of those who experience the city and cross it: the new citizens, transient, migrants, the homeless to whom we must give a roof, women that they will have to shoot in safe cities not because there are cameras, but because the life of this city welcomes them in its vital flow. All this by embracing the theme of the fight against climate change “. About this, the word goes to Annalisa Corrado of Green Italia: “Climate change is happening today. Have you seen what is happening in Germany, in China, with the floods? We must rethink this city to defend ourselves from extreme weather events that are already among us. Rome goes haywire for a bit of rain, we’re talking about today. The fight for environmental protection is not the ‘remember you must die’ that we often hear, but ‘think how much you could live better ‘without breathing the polluted air of our city and wasting hours stuck in traffic “.

Ruggero Scotti di Possibile returns to the Communist Party: “The great intuition of that political force was that of being one of struggle and of government and for me it is this Future Rome. We want a city that wants to listen and protect people, that wants to give home, because having a house is perhaps the first right and can prevent the 15 shameful deaths of cold from the homeless that we counted last winter from repeating “. Word also to the boys of the pan-European Volt party, with Paolo Leccese: “‘Ecologist’, ‘Egalitaria’, ‘Feminist’ are the three fundamental words included in the symbol of our list. They are words that require courageous choices for this city in which we want everyone to be given the same opportunities. Investing in Europe is an extraordinary opportunity that we intend to take full advantage of. Ecology and protection of Roman biodiversity, but also accessibility to public transport and safety “.

Three events on the three themes, therefore, scheduled for September; and a first appointment already on 23 July, with a closed-door meeting with the representatives of solidarity. Some names of the subjects moving in the Caudo orbit are made in the press conference: they are the worlds of “widespread solidarity”, the groups of volunteers who worked to guarantee food parcels during the days of the Coronavirus. Realities such as the Network of Equal Numbers, voluntary organizations such as Nonna Roma and the group that gravitates around the Sparwasser circle will be in dialogue with the urban planner-mini-mayor. Claudia Pratelli, councilor at the school of the III Municipio, present at the conference and probable female name for the ticket with Caudo in her race to the municipality, is also cited. Others will come: with the microphones turned off, it is confirmed that the Pop duo is being worked on and also the Possible group will present a name in the list.

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