how the 5 Star Movement – Time makes mistakes and discontent

how the 5 Star Movement – Time makes mistakes and discontent
how the 5 Star Movement – Time makes mistakes and discontent

Giuseppe Conte was completely blown away by Mario Draghi’s move to ask for confidence in the justice reform. To reveal the background is Dagospia, who talks about hours of psychodrama and bewilderment for Giuseppi, literally upset by his successor at Palazzo Chigi. “How does he make a mistake”: Conte’s position risks discontenting every fringe of the 5 Star Movement.

His leadership has not at all managed to recompose the grillini, which are ready to split. If Conte’s input is to say no to the reform wanted by Marta Cartabia, he will be forced to have the ministers resigned from the government and to move to the opposition: the consequences would be devastating, especially at the European level, with Brussels not giving discounts for having removed trust and tried to destroy Draghi’s executive. But this is almost the minor problem: Luigi Di Maio and his people, defined as ‘governists’, would split from what remains of the Movement, given that there is not the slightest desire to leave the majority. It would also lose the support of Enrico Letta’s Democratic Party. A real caporetto.

If, on the other hand, the yes to the reform of the processes arrives, it would give a signal of total surrender on a point that has exploded the controversy and has set him against everyone with his strong positions. The hardest and purest of the Cinquestelle would consider him weak and without the right leadership qualities. To try to unravel the knot, Conte had contact with Stefano Patuanelli, a very loyal member of the government: the minister managed to get Giuseppi to have a meeting with Cartabia, where he will try to have other concessions to try to save face. But the Keeper has already said that it will take into consideration only “small adjustments”, on which the favorable opinion of Lega and Forza Italia will be needed.

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Star Movement Time mistakes discontent

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