Vaccine, collapse of infections at work after the immunization campaign: the Inail report

Vaccine, collapse of infections at work after the immunization campaign: the Inail report
Vaccine, collapse of infections at work after the immunization campaign: the Inail report

Covid infections collapse -19 among health professionals and at work thanks to vaccinations. This is the data that emerges from the eighteenth Inail report, the Institute for Insurance for Accidents at Work, which found that, in the last five months analyzed (the report stops in June 2021), the incidence of health and assistance has fallen below the 41% threshold, positioning itself at even lower levels than in the summer of 2020, thanks to the effectiveness of vaccinations, which primarily involved healthcare personnel. For other production sectors, on the other hand, there are increasing incidences, despite the decrease in absolute terms of professional infections reported compared to the four-month period October 2020-January 2021.

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The professions

According to the report of the Statistical Consultancy in the last period examined, i.e. after the vaccination of health professionals, the sectors most affected were transport, commerce, accommodation and catering services, information and communication services and manufacturing, which between February and June collectively collect almost a third of cases (32.2%), against 8.5% of the “first wave” (up to May 2020 inclusive), 29.0% of the “post lockdown” phase (from June to September 2020) and 10.6% of the “second wave” (October 2020-January 2021).

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I sanitari

From the analysis by profession of the injured, it emerges that just over a quarter of deaths (25.6%) concerned health and social assistance personnel. In detail, the category of health technicians is the one most affected by infections, with 37.6% of overall reports, 82.7% of which related to nurses, and 10.3% of codified fatal cases (the 68.1% nurses). Followed by socio-health workers with 18.4% of reports (and 4.3% of deaths), doctors with 8.6% (5.7% of deaths), social-assistance workers with 7.0% (2.5% of deaths) and unqualified personnel in health services (auxiliary, porter, stretcher-bearer) with 4.7% (3.4% of deaths).

The incidence of infections, after vaccination of health personnel, has grown in the other sectors. In the lead, administrative employees, with 4.5% of complaints and 10.3% of fatal cases, cleaning service workers (2.3% of infections and 2.1% of deaths), conductors of vehicles (1.3% of infections and 7.3% of deaths), employees of the security, surveillance and custody services (0.9% of infections and 2.5% of deaths), and sales staff (0 , 7% of infections and 2.7% of deaths). The increase in terms of incidence, observed in the last five months for some categories, such as secretarial and general affairs clerks, went from 4.4% in the four-month period October 2020-January 2021 to 9.1% in the period February- June 2021, or primary school teachers, which went from 0.8% to 2.9%, is due to the significant decrease that characterized the healthcare professions, both in absolute and relative value.

In particular, there are about 2,800 infections of professional origin of teachers, professors and researchers of schools of all levels and of state and private universities, attributable both to the management of employees of the State Account and to the Education sector of the Industry and services.

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The territory

The North-West also holds the negative record of fatal cases of work-related infections from Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, with 38.7% of the deaths reported (first in Lombardy with 26.8%). Followed by the South with 24.8% (Campania 11.7%), the Center with 17.4% (Lazio 10.6%), the North-East with 12.9% (Emilia Romagna 6.5%). ) and the Islands with 6.2% (Sicily 5.4%). This is what emerges from the 18th report of the Inail Statistical Actuarial Consultancy. In comparison with the overall data of workplace infections reported to Inail since the beginning of the pandemic, for fatal cases there is a higher share in the South (24.8% against 12.7% found in total reports) and a ‘lower incidence in the North-East (12.9% compared to 24.5%). The provinces with the most deaths are those of Rome (7.9%), Bergamo, Milan and Naples (with 7.0% each), Brescia (4.5%), Turin (3.8%), Cremona (2 , 8%), Genoa (2.5%), Bari, Caserta and Parma (2.3% each).


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