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“The shot? I don’t know. That’s why there was no safety.” The commissioner of Voghera speaks

“The shot? I don’t know. That’s why there was no safety.” The commissioner of Voghera speaks
“The shot? I don’t know. That’s why there was no safety.” The commissioner of Voghera speaks

I don’t have a precise memory, I don’t know how the blow started“. These were the words of Massimo Adriatici, as reported by his lawyers, before the investigating judge. The councilor for security of the municipality of Voghera – who suspended himself from the post until the outcome of the trial that sees him under investigation – he would therefore not have a completely clear memory compared to what actually happened on the evening of Tuesday 20 July, when the fatal shot that killed Youns El Boussetaoui was fired from his .22 caliber.

The same lawyers of Adriatici, reports theActed, they made it known that man “is destroyed, deeply sorry“, also because it is about”a normal person who has never had a note in his professional career“. His suffering is humanly attributable to the presence of a victim and an ongoing criminal case.”Above all, he is devastated to see himself described by the media as a sheriff. We tried to block him from accessing the media“, added the lawyers. Who judge the commissioner”victim of sudden and unprecedented violence that made him fall to the ground, causing him a state of confusion and injuries found by the coroner appointed by the prosecutor“.

Why was the shot in the barrel?

The question that many people ask is why Adriatici was walking on the street with one pistol, moreover charge. His lawyers explained it: “He always had the shot in the barrel because, when one is trained as a policeman and carries a weapon, he knows that if he is in a dangerous situation he can go into danger. panic“. Instead, if you remove the safety,”you can shoot without stress and not do any additional activities that take your time“.

Adriatici did not go out to look for El Boussettaoui“, clarified the lawyer Gabriele Pipicelli. As in other circumstances, explained the lawyer, the commissioner turned with the weapon in his pocket”because he had requested firearms license for situations of danger of the person who had been represented to the competent authorities and which the authorities had considered existent, so much so that his firearms license had just been renewed“.

The Adriatici version

Adriatici has already provided its version of the facts. He was walking in Piazza Meardi when he noticed the stranger annoying the customers of a bar. At that point, according toAdnkronos, he would have approached to try to appease the spirits: “I scolded him by inviting him to leave and at that point I called the police. Hearing my phone call, he pushed me and made me fall. It was at that point that the shot was fired from the pistol already held“. Only the investigations of the weapon will clarify the dynamics better. The Pavia prosecutor is working on the hypothesis of culpable excess of self-defense.

Check out a new video

From investigative sources, writes theActed, we learn that from a vision of the video on the death of Youns El Boussetaoui – elaborated with techniques of greater definition – a “detail important“, not visible from the original film. However, at the moment it is not yet known what this aspect is that the investigators consider significant for the reconstruction of the affair. In the meantime, the prosecutor has arranged for a consultancy entrusted to a computer engineer.

The investigating judge of Pavia Maria Cristina Lapi reserved the right to decide on the request made by the Pavia prosecutor to confirm the House arrest to Massimo Adriatici. It is likely that – given the delicacy of the case – he will take advantage of all the time available (until 3 pm tomorrow afternoon), although it cannot be ruled out that he may notify the parties of the provision already in the evening.

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