Actors, singers, artists? «HeArt», the social platform for those with talent –, is born in Milan

Actors, singers, artists? «HeArt», the social platform for those with talent –, is born in Milan
Actors, singers, artists? «HeArt», the social platform for those with talent –, is born in Milan

Was born in Milan ua new social platform dedicated to artists and lovers of art and entertainment. It is called heArt and is pronounced as “heart” in English: it is the idea launched by Matteo Forte – CEO of Stage Entertainment and director of the Milanese National and Lirico theaters – to collect in a community the different expressions of talent, offering them a “digital showcase »aimed at seeking new professional opportunities and offering quality social entertainment. The ambition of the project is to propose a “protected” platform in which everyone can express and share their talents, without being judged, for the pleasure of entertaining or to be discovered. Among the partners of the initiativeIulm University of Milan, the University of Bologna with the Dar Arts Department (formerly Dams), l‘Catholic University with the High School in Media, Communication and Entertainment (Almed), theTeatro alla Scala Academy and the Milan Foundation with its highly educated Civic Schools.

On the platform they are welcome actors, singers, dancers, painters, writers, photographers, musicians, sculptors, designers, but also technicians and art professionals. And again cultural and art associations, academies, museums, theaters and producers, event companies, publishers. Without forgetting the largest user category: all those who love any form of art and entertainment and who will register for the pure pleasure of being entertained from quality content.

The platform can be reached at the heArt link or by downloading the app, still in Beta version, “heArt social” on the App Store or Google Play with functions similar to existing social networks, but also with specific peculiarities. The works / performances, for example, cannot be commented publicly by other users, but only appreciated with a rating system from 1 to 5 “hearts” and anyone (companies or cultural and art institutions or individuals) can enter professional opportunities for artists.

In addition, heArt has a “Scientific Observatory”, a qualified steering group, which includes personalities such as Professor Gianni Canova (Rector of the IULM University); professor Giacomo Manzoli (Director of the DAR formerly DAMS of Bologna); the doctor Luisa Vinci (General Director of the Teatro alla Scala Academy); professor Roberto Favaro (Director of the Civic School of Music Claudio Abbado) and obviously the same Matteo Forte. “We want to be open, inclusive and ‘democratic’ – concludes Matteo Forte – offering everyone the opportunity to upload content and browse it freely or guided by a system of filters that will allow specific selections of users ‘recommended’ by the project partners”.

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