Green pass, from Lazio to Veneto vaccine bookings boom after the new rules: “Doubled in one day”

Green pass, from Lazio to Veneto vaccine bookings boom after the new rules: “Doubled in one day”
Green pass, from Lazio to Veneto vaccine bookings boom after the new rules: “Doubled in one day”

The new rules on Green pass which will be in effect from 6 August have prompted many people to get vaccinated. Lazio, Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany and Abruzzo recorded a surge in vaccine bookings. The premier’s message Mario Draghi it was clear and summarized in “those who do not vaccinate die”. A dry and effective sentence, which leaves no room for doubt. As when in July 2012, in the context of the European sovereign debt crisis, Draghi, at the time governor of the European Central Bank, said: “Whatever it takes”. That is everything necessary to save the euro from any speculation processes. Again the strategy seems to have worked.

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Bookings boom, 38 thousand new appointments in Lazio

“Since yesterday’s announcement by Prime Minister Mario Draghi regarding the Green Pass, we have had over 38,000 new bookings for vaccines, an important boost in a region like Lazio which today exceeded 6.5 million doses administrations and in which 62% of the adult population has completed the vaccination cycle ». This was stated by the councilor for health of the Lazio Region Alessio D ‘Amato, during the inauguration conference of the restoration of the Lancisiana Library, at the Monumental Complex of Santo Spirito in Saxia.

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Numbers on the rise also in Lombardy

The adhesion to the vaccination campaign is growing, probably also thanks to the new regulations on the green pass launched by the government Lombardy. Yesterday, in fact, about 49 thousand citizens booked for vaccination on the portal of the Italian Post Office and the Region. Well 30 thousand more than on Wednesday 21 July, when the bookings were 28,368. In reality, after a first part of July in which bookings had rarely exceeded 15 thousand, since Monday 19th – coincidentally since the Green Pass hypothesis has made its way – they are steadily above 20 thousand.

On her Twitter profile, in addition to greeting the excellent trend in bookings for the Anti Covid-19 vaccine, the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti, wrote that: “to meet these new requests, further 100 thousand new positions for first doses, from today until the end of August ».

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In Piedmont “double down”

In Piedmont, a “Draghi effect” linked to the Green Pass is already visible. A few hours after the Government’s decisions on the matter, «the reservations for vaccinations against Covid-19 are double“. Governor Alberto Cirio said this on the sidelines of an appointment in the Region. “Yesterday’s decisions of the Government – Cirio emphasized – had the effect of doubling the requests for vaccinations in Piedmont: every hour on our portal we record double the number of subscriptions compared to the average of the previous days”.

Tuscany: “40 thousand more bookings in a week”

In Tuscany there is not a rush to book the anti Covid vaccine in the aftermath of the go-ahead from the Council of Ministers to the decree introducing the use of the green pass for access to some services and events, but reservations on the regional portal of the Tuscany during this week have increased compared to the previous one. “From the flat calm recorded to the reopening of the portal on 10 July, we have gone from Monday 19 July to an increase in bookings – explains Andrea Belardinelli, Head of Digital Health and Innovation of the Tuscany Region -: this week we registered 40 thousand more bookings than the last. From the reopening of the portal until July 19, the saturation rate was around 60%, from Monday it began to rise and now we are at 86% of the doses booked compared to those available for the period from August 9 to September 12 “. This morning, however, the Tuscany portal did not register peaks in accesses. “We have 400/500 visitors per minute – adds Belardinelli – the normal flow of the last few days”.

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Abruzzo: 800 more bookings

Boom in reservations for the vaccine against Covid-19, in Abruzzo, after the announcement by Prime Minister Mario Draghi regarding the extension of the Green pass. Yesterday there were 800 more bookings than the previous day and compared to the daily average of the last period, while this morning, at 10.30, the requests were 1,611, a figure slightly lower than the total that, in the last few days, was recorded in the 24 hours . The hope of the regional task force is that the measures adopted by the government will push the people of Abruzzo who have not yet done so to book vaccination. About 400 thousand, in Abruzzo, the people who have not yet received the first dose (the data also includes those who have booked and are waiting for the administration). At the moment, 80.22% of those over 80 have received at least one dose, 83.47% of the 70-79 age group, 78.22% of the 60-69 age group, 69.18% of the 50 age group -59 years, 61.91% of the 40-49 years, 53.4% ​​of the 30-39 years, 59.41% of the 20-29 years and 33.57% of the 12-19 years. In particular, work is being done to raise awareness among the over 50s, who are at risk of hospitalization in the event of Covid-19.

Bookings are also increasing in Puglia

“I checked this morning and in all the Apulian local health authorities”, after the announcement of the obligation of the Green pass “we saw an increase in booking requests” for anti Covid vaccines: the councilor for Health of the Puglia Region, Pierluigi Lopalco. At the moment it is not yet possible to make a definitive count of the increase but, according to ASL data, at the moment it is around + 10%. Even if – health sources say – it will be necessary to wait a few days to evaluate the Green pass effect with greater precision.

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