Vaccini, the Northern League “surprise” for the slap of Draghi. Salvini counterattacks: “I don’t invite you to die, my goal is to protect Italians”

The very first reaction is the swollen chest for the two or three scalps brought home: stadiums open at 50%, no green pass on public transport, indemnities to discos. Then, however, the words of Mario Draghi in the League’s home – who compared Matteo Salvini’s campaign against the vaccine to the under 40s to a “Call to die” – they start to burn. So here is the secretary to counterattack: “Scientific communities and governments, like those of Germany e Great Britain, which invite to caution on vaccines for minors, do they invite people to die? Luckily no ”, he argues. “The goal of all, mine as of Draghi, is save lives, protect the Italians, their health, their work, their freedom. Fundamental – he continues – to secure seniors, our parents and our grandparents, without penalizing, imprisoning or fining children e i report. Even today in Italy, as in past days, the number of people admitted to intensive care is under control, 158 (with 98% of the beds empty) compared to 385 a month ago. Well, go on like this. The Italians, as always, are proving to be a great people, and for them as for me the guiding principle is one: freedom“, conclude.

Shortly thereafter, even from circles of the League leaks “surprise” for the prime minister’s jab at Salvini, which arrived – it is noted – “after one long and cordial phone call“Between the two in the afternoon, in which the leader of the Northern League had” guaranteed maximum support to reforms, starting with justice and taxation, and reiterated some constructive remarks about the Green pass and vaccination plan “. Sources of the Democratic Party, on the other hand, communicate satisfaction with the “High warning” by Draghi, the “clear and unappealable answer to Salvini which is not by chance corrects the shot and he speaks of minors, when only a few days ago he said that it is for the under 40s that the vaccine is not needed. The truth is this right play dice with very delicate issues, he confirms himself as irresponsible ”.

And the next morning, interviewed by Courier service, also the minister of Forza Italia for the South Mariastella Gelmini – which in recent days had already sponsored the obligation of a French-style green pass – in essence aligns to the position of the head of the government against the center-right ally. “I think we should have faith in science and vaccinate everyone, including young people”, he says, “Forza Italia has widely expressed its favorable line to vaccines and the green pass”. And when asked if, as Salvini argued, the certificate really takes away “the right to life of 30 million Italians”, he replies that “no it does not. The green pass is used to prevent new closures, to avoid curfews, to increase the outdoor capacity of stadiums and sports facilities. And thanks to the pass, the number of vaccinated people will increase ”. Prophecy confirmed by the words of Giovanni Toti: the governor of Liguria, another close ally of Salvini, defines “appropriate ed balanced“The choice of the Government and speaks of” beyond 5500 reservations recorded in the two hours following the words of the premier “.

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