Italy, extended green pass from 6 August. For Draghi a necessary measure

Italy, extended green pass from 6 August. For Draghi a necessary measure
Italy, extended green pass from 6 August. For Draghi a necessary measure

From the 6 August Green pass extended throughout Italy. It will be used to access bars and restaurants, but only if you eat and drink indoors while sitting at the table. The vaccination passport will also be used to go to the gym or swimming pool, to the theater, to museums, amusement parks or to participate in public competitions.

The same measure will be adopted for stadiums and sports halls where, however, the capacity must always be limited according to the colors of the areas. Nothing to do for those who hoped to be able to go back to dancing at least in the summer. The discos will still remain closed for now. The Green Pass will be required in the white, yellow, orange and red areas, where the services and activities for which it is envisaged are permitted.

For now, public transport and school are excluded

The use of the green pass to access public transport – from trains to airplanes, from buses to the subway – was not included in the anti-Covid dl. On the application of the new Covid rules to transport, school and work, a new meeting of the government control room could be held next week,

How to get the Green Pass

The vaccination passport can be obtained with the full vaccination. It will also be valid for those who have had at least a dose of vaccine (validity lasts for 9 months). Alternatively, a negative swab in the preceding 48 hours or be cured of COVID within the previous six months. For those with the green certificate there will also be a reduction of the quarantine of 14 days in case of close contact with a positive: it is not yet known how much it will be shortened.

Certification can be acquired from different channels independently: on the site with access via digital identity (Spid / Cie) or with a health card (or with an identity document if you are not registered with the National Health Service) in combination with the unique code received via email or text message; in the electronic health record; through the‘Immune’ App and soon onApp IO.

The criteria for defining colors

The threshold for passing into the yellow zone is set at 10% of occupancy in intensive care units and at the same time at 15% for hospitalizations. Intensive care at 20% and medical areas at 30% to become orange and respectively at 30 and 40% to enter the red zone.

Draghi to the Italians: “Get vaccinated now”

“The economy is doing well, it is recovering and Italy is growing at an even faster rate than other European countries. The Delta variant is even more threatening than other variants. That’s why you need to get vaccinated. ” The statement comes from the Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference after the Council of Ministers.

“Over half of the Italians have completed the vaccination cycle, General Figliuolo’s goal has been exceeded. The pressure on hospitals has greatly decreased ”, said Draghi. “To date we have inoculated 105 doses per 100 inhabitants, like Germany, more than France and the USA. More than 63 million inoculated doses are traveled ”. The prime minister then appeals to the Italians to immunize themselves and do so immediately. “They must protect themselves and their families”, clarifying that the green pass is not an arbitration but a condition for not closing production activities.

A necessary act was introduced, explained the Premier, also the result of a political compromise, not only within the government but also with the Regions. A compromise that comes at the end of a long and difficult debate that has seen contrasting positions within the majority, with the Salvini League opposed to the obligation of the Green Pass.

State of emergency

As for the state of emergency, which expires on 31 July, it will be extended until the next one December 31st.

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