Maxi gathering of Roma fans. Vaia: ‘Irresponsible acts’ – Sport

Maxi gathering of Roma fans. Vaia: ‘Irresponsible acts’ – Sport
Maxi gathering of Roma fans. Vaia: ‘Irresponsible acts’ – Sport

Maxi gathering of fans last night in the center of Rome. With smoke bombs, firecrackers and red and yellow flags, they celebrated the team’s birthday. And there is no lack of controversy. “In this phase of the recovery of infections, especially among young people – the Lazio councilor Alessio D’Amato told ANSA – every gathering is fuel in the engine of the virus”. “I make a double appeal to respect the rules and vaccination – adds the commissioner -. We cannot go back”. “The Delta variant is now predominant and we must be aware that it has a much higher contagion capacity” adds Councilor D’Amato. “Nobody can be called out of this war – he concludes -. If we do not want to go back to the closures we must all vaccinate ourselves and avoid gatherings”.

“They are acts of irresponsibility that risk making us go back”. So the director of Spallanzani in Rome, Francesco Vaia, about the maxi meeting of the Giallorossi fans last night in the center of Rome to celebrate the team’s 94 years. “We can and must allow ourselves everything, even the celebrations of our favorite team, as long as they are done in absolute safety, ie with complete vaccination or, in the absence of it, a negative buffer in 24/48 hours”. “I was a promoter of the reopening of the stadiums and also of the holding of the European football championships in Rome – underlines Vaia – but all this according to a protocol that provides for the great events, inside and outside the stadium, to be accessed as in a negative bubble. ‘with complete vaccination or, failing this, with a negative swab within 24/48 hours “.


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Maxi gathering Roma fans Vaia Irresponsible acts Sport

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