The man who shot in a club full of boys in Taranto was arrested

The man who shot in a club full of boys in Taranto was arrested
The man who shot in a club full of boys in Taranto was arrested

AGI – They found him a short distance from his home in Taranto, a few hours away from the shooting at the Yachting Club of San Vito, a marine fraction of the capital, of which he was the protagonist and which caused 10 injuries. This is Umberto Sardiello, 37, convicted with a history of drugs and crimes against property.

He was arrested by the men of the Flying Squad of the Taranto Police Headquarters and he must answer for double assassination attempts, shooting in public places, illegal possession and carrying of a firearm, serious injuries.

Before blocking and arresting him, the agents had been to his home, where he lives with his partner and two children, and inside the washing machine they found the green shirt and jeans he was wearing on Tuesday night, when he shot at the Yachting Club where there were about 300 people, mostly very young, and a university party was also in progress.

Sardiello first fired 3 shots at 2 people with whom he had a fight, then fired at least three more shots to gain space and escape. In the shooting and in the commotion that followed, boys from Grottaglie and university students also found themselves. To capture Sardiello, the findings by the Scientific and the Mobile Squad, the images of the video cameras and the searches in the homes of his family circle were decisive.

Of the ten injured people, one remains in a reserved prognosis: a 28-year-old from Grottaglie considered the main target of Sardiello.

Overall the injured are 6 men and 4 women, all between 28 and 19 years old, as specified by the Police Headquarters and Asl Taranto. Some would have been injured by falling and stumbling in the escape after gunshots.

In the account of Gianluca Piotti, manager of the Yachting Club, “there was a fight and an exchange of punches. One of the people involved in the fight, despite not having had the worst, pulled out his gun and started shooting. It’s He was hit with a bottle. At first he shot at his rivals, then he shot madly if not at head height, at leg height “.

The episode caused a wide echo in the city because the Yachting Club is very popular and well known. And despite what happened, the atmosphere in the bathhouse was relatively calm. The beach overlooking the bay of Mar Grande was regularly open. Many families under the umbrellas and under the pine trees. Only one area of ​​the complex, where the shooting took place, was still off limits.

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