The Coppa Italia Trials arrives in Rieti

The Coppa Italia Trials arrives in Rieti
The Coppa Italia Trials arrives in Rieti

Rieti, July 18, 2021. Lamberto Tabellini Trophy former Mayor of Rieti. For the first time in the sporting history of the Trials, a competition was organized in the Lazio region and precisely in the city of Rieti. The event was organized by the Asd Lactic Acid Mtb Passo Corese chaired by Dr. Marco Barletta who identified the competition area within the Rieti Bike Park facility managed by Fabio Crescenzi, placed among other things in a central position and immersed in a splendid city green. After a careful super vision of the CT Angelo Rocchetti, who appreciated the structure both from a technical and logistical point of view, as the four routes for the competitive categories and the three for the very young, are characterized by various materials (rocks, trunks , concrete and rubbers) in which passages of the highest level have been identified.

To welcome the CT Rocchetti present in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Rieti the Mayor Antonio Cicchetti, the Councilor with responsibility for sport Roberto Donati and the Regional Councilor of the Italian Cycling Federation Fabio Rossetti, who, after exchanging their necessary impressions, delivered a commemorative plaque of the city.

At 1 pm on Sunday after several hours of rain, miraculously a really welcome sun, the entire route dried up, allowing the almost fifty riders to start the race, having fun, giving emotions to the public without incurring unnecessary risks.

In the Elite 20 category, the battle was reserved between the reigning Italian Champion Marco Bonalda of Caravaggio Offroad, the 18-year-old Diego Crescenzi from Rieti who, although still a Junior, bravely decided to compete in the highest category, and Lorenzo Castelnuovo of Bmt Valsassina from Lecco. At the end only 4 penalties for Bonalda against 18 for Crescenzi, 42 for Castelnuovo and 47 for Ravarelli from Milan.

In Elite 26, a surprise victory for Diego Bani from Bergamo, who after a long fight was only one point ahead of Alessandro Perolfi who always preceded Pietro Maroni by only one point.

The Allievi category saw only athletes registered with another institution and in first place was Mattia Maccianti from Florence, in second place Francesco Pezzei from Val di Fassa who preceded Samuele Edoardini from Rieti, Finestauri and Pezzei A.

Among the Esordienti there is nothing new compared to the previous tests, as the very strong Simone Della Rocca of the Vesuvio Bike Team from Caserta, got the better of his usual rival David Magnolio from Valsassina. Third Lorenzo Ambrosini who preceded Genovesi, Romeo, D’Angelantonio and Manaj A.

A very strong Francesco Rolleri won in the Masters in front of Marco Nardinocchi from Ascoli who decided to take the much more difficult orange path. Third Francesco Granchi ahead of Genovesi M. and Stocchi F.

In the three courses reserved for the very young (very numerous) Noah Moro stood out in the green course in front of Natalizi and Grande. In the white one, the Roman Matteo Stocchi won ahead of Nardinocchi S., Granchi E., Pennazza, Stocchi A., Manaj S. and Dominici.

At the end of the splendid day of sport, waiting for the riders there was a rich and crackling award ceremony for all which also saw the CT Angelo Rocchetti, the Regional Councilors Massimo Mazzetta and Fabio Rossetti, the President of the Acido on the stage. Lattico Marco Barletta and his staff, the President Avis Rieti Prof. Loreto Santoprete, the coordinator of judges Andrea Fabian with his colleagues, the Delegate Prov.le FCI Graziano Laudati and the family of the former Mayor of Rieti Lamberto Tabellini who passed away in 1998 at which the competition was titled.


Coppa Italia Trials arrives Rieti

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