Six thousand new applications from all over Italy for a job as a janitor or employee in the schools of Trieste

Six thousand new applications from all over Italy for a job as a janitor or employee in the schools of Trieste
Six thousand new applications from all over Italy for a job as a janitor or employee in the schools of Trieste

TRIESTE It’s job hunting in Trieste’s schools. More than six thousand new applications have been submitted by those who – throughout Italy, and in particular from the South – aspire to become an administrative assistant, school collaborator or technical assistant, or to be able to occupy other roles in support of the activities of the various city institutes for the three-year period. 2021-23. A boom – explains Ugo Previti, regional secretary of Uil Scuola Fvg – which is also found in the rest of the region. These are, in detail, the requests submitted to access the third-tier rankings of Ata personnel, with numbers more than doubled compared to the data of three years ago. According to the trade unionist, the reason is linked to the employment crisis dictated by Covid. And the lists will scroll a little. But many try anyway.

Most of the people who have applied (the instances in this case are 3,137), aim for the role of administrative assistant.

The one of school collaborator is also very popular, reaching 3,122 requests. This is followed by the role of technical assistant, with 1,208 questions, and the other jobs follow. From the table provided by Uil Scuola, it emerges that many have compiled the document to be included in multiple profiles, hoping to have more chances in the long run.

The candidates have attached to each instance all the certificates obtained over time. The figures here show a surge in “new arrivals”, but the number of those who confirmed at the moment is also high: people who in practice, despite being on the lists, did not work in the sector, and who now hope that the call will arrive . «I believe that the pandemic and the difficulty of finding work are at the basis of this massive request – comments Previti – for which many have signed up even knowing that the commitment can also be precarious. Many have chosen the option of a school assistant, which will serve in comprehensive institutions, for example elementary or middle school, on the security front, but only if there is a need for those anti-virus control protocols introduced last year “.

But even if this were the case, according to the trade unionist, the percentage of acceptance of applications will be minimal. “I estimate that no more than 10% will be able to find a place if Covid staff are assigned to schools. And it will be necessary to understand how and when the service will work ». Service which, Previti himself points out, has so far presented various critical issues. “To these people, recruited for the health emergency, their salaries are often delayed, even by two months. In one case a collaborator is waiting for January’s pay, a matter that we are trying to unravel ».

The questions come from all over Italy, which has also happened in other regions. “Another unknown factor will then be the evolution of the general picture of infections”, adds the representative of the Uil Scuola: “We think, for example, that, if there will be limits in movements even within the country, it may not be easy to move of city ​​to city. At the moment there are too many uncertainties and unknowns, but in any case I think that the places available are still few ». In Fvg, the highest number of requests is registered in the province of Udine, with 12,928. Followed by Pordenone with 8,885, Trieste as mentioned with 6,142 and Gorizia with 4,261.

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