Floridia rejects the idea of ​​the green pass for teachers and Ata: “No need, 80% are already vaccinated”

“The vaccination obligation for school operators is not necessary, however, it is absolutely necessary to urge them to vaccinate. I remember that 80 per cent of school staff are already vaccinated and therefore we are already sufficiently armored ”.

To tell Adnkronos it is Barbara Floridia, Undersecretary for Education, today in via D’Amelio to participate in the initiatives on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the massacre in which judge Paolo Borsellino and the escort agents died.

“The CTS highlights the need to promote vaccination as much as possible among teachers and school staff and, if possible, also among young people – he added -. The green pass is not necessary for the return to school where the level of infection was very low even last year. It is clear that both the minister and I aim to promote vaccination as much as possible because the greater the vaccination coverage, the more we are certain of an ever lower infection in schools ”.

Then he explains: “Returning to school is the goal of the entire government and of the whole country. We want to push vaccination further to ensure a return to class in attendance without any doubt ”.

“We are committed to improving transport, again this year we have allocated additional resources, 450 million, and for the school there are all sufficient measures to resume in presence – he added
-. This is the government’s goal. The Invalsi tests testified to this: the alternation after many years of school cuts and after a year of pandemic where the government is saying to keep schools open and many regional presidents closed did not work. So now open schools and investments for the sector: only in this way can we change the country “.

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