We want to dance not only when Italy wins

Evening with over a thousand participants in a nightclub in Rome. The owners have not sold any tickets for the dance floor (as required by the rules), but several videos show that in fact many young people have danced the same. The same disco was closed last August for the same reason: two thousand young people gathered and without masks.

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The managers of the discoteca Nice, which is located a few meters from the Rai center of Saxa Rubra a Roma, organized an evening attended by over a thousand very young boys. Many, almost all, without a mask. The music was there and many danced. Lots of photos and videos of the evening published on Instagram, which show the crowding inside the club well and also the fact that the dances were anything but an exception. All this in a period of time the contagion curve in Lazio and in the capital is rising above all due to evenings like these. In recent days the owners of the club had posted a banner at the entrance which read: “I want to dance, even when the national team is not playing”. It is true, in fact, that many clusters started right during the celebrations for the victory of Italy, when many young and old had fun singing and dancing in the streets of the cities and inside the clubs to celebrate the conquest of roof of Europe by our national football team.

Holders: “We have not sold tickets for the dance floor”

“We didn’t even sell a ticket for the dance floor (as required by the rules ed), but it is clear that controlling 1400 young people is impossible. Having said that: no one danced, as happened, for example, in the parties for the European Championships. weekend we will be more careful “, the owners of the restaurant explain to the Messaggero. As they admit, however, it is difficult to control a thousand very young children. And in fact, in the videos you can see very well that many guys have also danced. The evening at Nice was organized on Saturday 17 July with the title Saturday Lunch, Love Food, Emotional Show, Live Music.

The Nice nightclub was closed last year due to crowds

On 10 August last year, the nightclub was closed for practically the same reason: about 2 thousand young people gathered and without masks. The traffic police had carried out a surprise check and had ordered the closure of the nightclub for three days. The owners had been denounced for non-compliance with the anti Covid rules.


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