Gorillas, the delivery app that delivers groceries in 10 minutes also arrives in Rome

Gorillas, the delivery app that delivers groceries in 10 minutes also arrives in Rome
Gorillas, the delivery app that delivers groceries in 10 minutes also arrives in Rome

Gorillas, the delivery app that delivers groceries in 10 minutes from the order, also debuts at Roma. Designed to change consumer habits for the better, the on-demand shopping service focuses on three factors: speed of delivery, a community of bikers with electric bikes and a network of neighborhood micro-distribution centers that guarantee availability of products and groceries at the same price as the supermarket.

“Gorillas is based on a network of warehouses, ie supermarkets without customer access, distributed throughout the cities where the service operates. To guarantee a delivery of the shopping in just 10 minutes from the order – he explains Alessandro Colella, general manager of Gorillas for Italy -. The idea behind Gorillas is to bring a positive change to the way people spend shopping, giving consumers the opportunity to make informed choices in order to reduce waste ”.

Gorillas delivers over 1,500 food (including fresh) and everyday products to the same retail price based on the “Need-Order-Get” principle, ie delivering on request the products that the consumer needs at that moment. Key to Gorillas are partnerships with local businesses that help the app always provide the freshest produce and ensure short supply chains while supporting local communities.

In Rome Gorillas already has active partnerships with Gentilini biscuit factory and the Jungle Juice independent craft brewery. “We collaborate with local companies in every city where we operate – continues Colella -. This choice not only allows us to meet the tastes of the communities we approach, but also helps us to support the realities of the territory by becoming a new distribution channel for them. Consumers appreciate this possibility, because thanks to Gorillas they can have a fast and quality shopping in a short time and at the same time also support local businesses ”.

Born in Berlin in March 2020 thanks to the intuition of Kagan Sümer, a great bike enthusiast, the startup closed a series B round of 290 million dollars in the space of 12 months, thus reaching the status of unicorn, with an evaluation total of over one billion dollars. Unlike the classic business models of the Gig Economy, Gorillas directly employs own bikers and associated warehouses regularly hired, promoting a real change in the fast delivery sector.

“The biker team is an essential pillar – concludes the general manager -. Once in Gorillas, our bikers begin a training and professional path, based on subordinate contracts which, after six or nine months, can lead to a permanent contract and to the inclusion in the company in other roles. In addition, we always try to hire local staff where the company opens its warehouses. Combining the possibility of use with initiatives of sustainability and redevelopment of neighborhoods, starting with the use of electric bikes only and street cleaning “.

In just over ten months, the service offered by Gorillas has come to cover more than 40 cities, including Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Milan and Munich, for a total of over one hundred active mico-distribution centers. . The app is available for iOS and Android in Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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