two arrested and three wounded carabinieri

two arrested and three wounded carabinieri
two arrested and three wounded carabinieri

A 30-year-old and a 24-year-old were arrested and three carabinieri were injured. IS’ the epilogue of the celebrations of a baptism which took place on Sunday evening ad Arluno, in the Milanese area.

Milan, motorcyclist in serious condition after an accident with a car

From what is reported by military, at the post-ritual party in church were present more than ten people, including women and men, of Romanian nationality. Gathered in a courtyard of a condominium in Piazza del Popolo for a barbecue, the celebrations resulted in a fight, due to too much alcohol ingested. First one lite between some members of the two families, then some blows, enough to force an 11-year-old child to leave for fear. To warn the 112 would have been some of those present who, seeing the child alone, called for help. .

You get to place three patrols gods carabinieri who immediately found the child, hidden behind a plant, and then checked the situation in the courtyard. But the visit of the police was not very welcome: two carabinieri reported injuries that could be healed in a few days, while a third ended up in hospital, but is out of danger. At the end of the fight, two brothers were arrested, both workers and with precedents, who will have to answer the charge of resistance and injury to a public official.

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arrested wounded carabinieri

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