calls for recruitment of Carabinieri, Defense, Finance, Army. –

calls for recruitment of Carabinieri, Defense, Finance, Army. –
calls for recruitment of Carabinieri, Defense, Finance, Army. –

Calls for recruitment in the Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Fire Brigade or in a police force: here are all the competitions in the Armed Forces 2021.

It will be the charm of the uniform, it will be the passion, it will also be the dream of embarking on a career that ensures a long-lasting job, the fact is that the competition to join the armed forces remains one of the most coveted.

Especially among young people from the southern regions. Who have always shown, compared to their northern peers, a greater propensity to grapple with the exams to undertake a military career.

Each body has its own rules and times for enrollment.

For those who depend on the Ministry of Defense, the dicastery has provided a special web space through which it is possible to find out about all the active competitions to enter the‘Army, in the Carabinieri, in the Air Force and in the Navy providing indications for bankruptcy procedures relating to both the career of officers and non-commissioned officers, but also to those for recruitment as doctors, nurses or members of the bands.

The competition portal at the Ministry of Defense is also constantly updated on the progress and outcomes of the various bankruptcy procedures active.

Competitions to access the Defense Corps but also in the Guardia di Finanza, the State Police, the Penitentiary Police, the Fire Brigade are banned every year.

How to become an official student of the Army, how to participate in public selections to be hired in the Carabinieri, how to become Marshal of the Armed Forces: below is a list of active calls to participate in the competitions for the recruitment of the police forces.

Competition Arma dei Carabinieri Selected Reserve (deadline 31 July 2021)

The Selected Reserve was born from the need, to meet any operational, training and logistical needs, to have a pool of personnel – men and women – in possession of particular professional skills not fully available in the Carabinieri.

In order to feed the Selected Reserve, these professional skills can be found among the additional officers on leave from the Carabinieri or among professionals from civilian life who meet the requirements set out in the call.

Ministry of Defense Competition (deadline 1 August 2021)

Public competition, based on qualifications and exams, for the recruitment, by direct appointment, of a total of thirty-seven marshals in permanent service, to be placed in the role of marshals of the Armed Forces, for the year 2021. Competition for 37 places.

Competition Guardia di Finanza – Student Financiers Athletes 2021 (deadline October 2021)

With a deadline of October 31, 2021, the selection procedure is active for the recruitment of student financial athletes.

Army Competition (deadline October 2021)

Call for recruitment for 4,000 Volunteers in a fixed year (VFP1) in the Italian Army. Year 2021.

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