Substitutions at 31 August and 30 June could be awarded through the national platform

Secondary school year 2021/22: we do not yet know how many there will be, the next few weeks will be decisive for understanding how the recruitment quota will be distributed. In fact, like last school year, places in provinces and competition classes with empty rankings could be assigned. The 2020 extraordinary competition should rebalance the fortunes, but it is still early for forecasts.

Delay in the timetable

Certainly there is a certain delay in the timetable indicated by the Ministry. In fact, as early as June 28, the USRs have started phase 1 on Online Instances, opening the booking shifts for the choice of class of competition and province.

But, beyond the choice made almost with eyes closed by the aspirants, as the remaining places are known after the mobility of tenured teachers but not the quota authorized for each province, we have moved to the opening of the shift for the GaE.

But, in fact, no entry into the role has yet been arranged because the Ministry has not yet received the response from the MEF on the contingent.

Provisional assignments

The School Offices are working to respect the date of 9 August for the publication of the results

Supplements on August 31 and June 30

They should be conferred in the second half of August, and the intentions of the Ministry would be to use a single platform, managed at the provincial level by the School Offices, which would organize the appointment shifts.

A procedure already used last school year in many provinces, due to the health emergency, and which could be re-proposed in this school year as a practice modality.

Substitutions: School Offices republish the rankings for the school year 2021/22. Appointments from August


Substitutions August June awarded national platform

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