Belluno, a doctor investigated for the death of Davide Bristot. And the Region sends inspectors

Belluno, a doctor investigated for the death of Davide Bristot. And the Region sends inspectors
Belluno, a doctor investigated for the death of Davide Bristot. And the Region sends inspectors

Davide Bristot, was 18 years old
The boy’s father: “My son has always been healthy”

In Sedico, in the house of the Bristot family, father Paolo does not rest easy: “We don’t know how to give us any explanation for what happened, my son had always been well and seemed perfectly healthy”. And then the answer can only come from the autopsy: On Monday the prosecutor of Belluno will entrust the task to the coroner Antonello Cirnelli, and the medical records and all the documents compiled by the emergency room staff on duty on Tuesday night, when Davide was taken to hospital with “neck pain and vomiting” will be acquired “. What worried him above all was the headache that had afflicted him for a few days and that had become unbearable in the afternoon. However, it seemed like a passing malaise, for a boy like him, who had never had any serious health problems, was fit and had played volleyball since he was a child. Instead, on Tuesday evening, in a pizzeria with friends, he ran to the bathroom to throw up. And at that point the parents decided to accompany him to the Belluno hospital.

What happened in the hospital

The entrance to the emergency room took place around 10.30 pm, the doctor examined him, he was given a drip, and around 11.30 pm Davide was discharged. “They told us that everything was fine, no one thinks that an 18-year-old boy could have something serious”, the family members vented who also yesterday repeated that they did not want to accuse anyone “but only to understand what happened”. Back home, the student immediately went to bed. And there his mother found him the next morning, now lifeless. The coroner of the prosecutor’s office (who will be joined by Sarah Nalin, the consultant appointed by the family) will have to clarify what killed him, but also if there was any way to intervene, and therefore if the medical staff operated correctly.. However, any correlation between death and the Covid 19 vaccine that the student had done a month ago seems excluded.

The inspectors of the Region

But it is not only the prosecutor who wants to reconstruct what happened in those sixty minutes that Davide Bristot spent in the hospital: on Thursday the Veneto Region started the procedure for activating an inspection. At the request of the governor Luca Zaia, the councilor for health Manuela Lanzarin has therefore decided to send a team of inspectors to Belluno “who will have the task – explain from Palazzo Balbi – to check the methods of assistance received by the boy in the emergency room “. The leaders of the Local Health Authority Dolomiti have ensured that they are ready to collaborate with the investigators so that the work of the structure and of the doctor under investigation is clarified as soon as possible. “Davide’s death – it is explained in a note released by the hospital – hit the local community and the hospital. Investigations are underway by the judiciary in which the utmost confidence is placed ».

The passion for volleyball

Davide Bristot had completed the fourth year at the “Segato” technical institute in Belluno. Until last season he played volleyball, as a striker, in the Spes. A family tradition, considering that his father Paolo played in Serie A and his brother Alessandro is considered one of the great promises of Italian volleyball and on Tuesday, when he learned of Davide’s death, he was in Albania to play the European Under 17 championship with the national team.

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Belluno doctor investigated death Davide Bristot Region sends inspectors

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