“My mother told me: I’m afraid for you”: the senator is moved

“My mother told me: I’m afraid for you”: the senator is moved
“My mother told me: I’m afraid for you”: the senator is moved

Barbara Masini, the senator of Forza Italia, was moved today when she spoke in the classroom talking about the Zan bill. Ten days ago he came out. The Forza Italia senator stressed that arriving at a broader and more shared path, without upsetting the regulatory framework, would be desirable and that the attitude of closure and only forcing is not good for either rights or democracy.

Ten days after coming out

But then he said he knew that, “at this point, it would be great defeat to once again see a bill die that in 25 years old, every time a legislative process has been dictated, it has not completed it, sunk in one of the two branches of Parliament “. Masini then went on to assert that for 25 years a community of people has been forced to feel they are the children of a minor state. Years in which, according to the senator, our country has receded from positions of civilization present instead in other countries close to us, both for culture and for democratic level, where laws similar to this have been voted on by governments of all political colors .

Masini: “Fear of an immature society”

Masini then recounted a personal fact, recalling that when her mother understood about her she told her: “I’m afraid for you”. The senator, taking her mother’s words as an example, stressed that all parents are afraid for the future of their children, for their health, for a bitter fate, but that “Not everyone is forced to be afraid for one immature society who believes that your daughter or son may be a more vulnerable subject for who he is ”. Finally, the forceist wished everyone to be able to look their loved ones in the eyes, both those of today and those of the future, “And also those who one day will be different from your desires and to be able to tell them: in my small way I have protected you from fear”.

At the end of his speech, he thanked his group leader, Annamaria Bernini, her fellow senators and her Forza Italia party, for the respect they have always shown her. Masini, on Wednesday did not participate in the vote calling for the suspension of the law in the Chamber, a request that was also supported by her party.


mother told afraid senator moved

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